StartUp Chica ¡Nacional! | A Conference for Teen Girls

This is a sponsored collaboration with Latinitas featuring StartUp Chica Nacional Conference for teen girls. All opinions are my own.

UPDATED: The event date has been changed to February 27, 2021.

A lack of positive representation of the Latino community in the media is nothing new. Rita Moreno was recently quoted by BBC saying, “We can’t just let Jennifer Lopez be the sole representative of the Hispanic community.” Rita admits that she loves JLo but emphasizes that we need more representation. How do we do that?

Let’s start with giving our next generation of Latina leaders the tools they need to tell their stories and launch their own startup or product. That’s what Latinitas is doing at the StartUp Chica ¡Nacional! Conference. If you know a teen girl with an entrepreneurial, storytelling or creative interest, register her the conference today.

Why Latinitas Hosts a Conference for Teen Girls

Latinitas, an Austin-based nonprofit 501c(3) organization, is focused on empowering girls to innovate through media and technology. They provide a space for girls to express themselves, develop their skills, learn about their culture and discover their unique voice.

Since 2003, Latinitas has been teaching young girls media and technology skills by ways of afterschool programs, camps, and special events. Plus, they publish Latinitas Magazine, an online publication written by and for Latina youth. 

“It’s time for Latinas to know that they are important; they deserve to see their experiences reflected honestly and accurately.”

Start Up Chica ¡Nacional! Conference

The 9th Annual StartUp Chica Nacional Conference is open to all girl-identifying and trans/nonbinary students, ages 14-18.

Attendees will:

  • Learn business skills
  • Invent a company or product idea
  • Work with real tech mentors

Attendees of this tech and media conference for teens will spend the day learning the business skills needed to launch their own startup or product. As a team, working alongside community mentors, they will come up with a creative solution to a problem affecting their community. Each team will pitch the product to a group of judges. The teens create new media at StartUp Chica Nacional, and could leave with their own podcast or tv network. They will definitely exit with a passion for entrepreneurship.

The entire conference is accessible online. So, each participant will need a computer and internet access. Registration is $20.00 per student. (Scholarships are available and applications are due February 17.)


Maria Hinojosa Announced as Keynote Speaker

Professionals in various media and technology fields will be speaking at Start Up Chica Nacional including multi-award winning journalist María Hinojosa. As the founder of the nonprofit news organization Futuro Media and the Anchor and Executive Producer of Latino USA, María Hinojosa is the perfect keynote speaker for this event. She can share her lessons about what it takes for her media organization to succeed as it has over the last decade.

Maria Hinojosa, President and Founder of Futuro Media | Keynote Speaker at StartUp Chica Nacional

The teens at StartUp Chica Nacional Conference will get to hear from a legendary Latina with a 30-year career in journalism. I call María Hinojosa the “keeper of our stories” because her work has been focused on our community. I think that she would agree that we need more keepers of our stories. No one can tell our stories better than us. All we need are the tools to do it.

Register for this Tech and Media Conference for Teen Girls

Latinitas is hosting StartUp Chica Nacional Conference to give these teens the tools and skills they need to tell their stories. And, when Latinas get together it’s always fun and inspiring. I wish with all my heart that I had a program like this when I was a teen. And maybe you do too. The good news is that we all know a young teen who can be a part of this today. Share this opportunity with that special teen girl who you know has that creative spark inside. 

Register for StartUp Chica Nacional today!