Learn with Homer – Teach Your Kids to Learn to Read

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In our house, there is a lot of digital learning. In fact, I taught my oldest son how to read mostly using technology. We enjoy it because it’s flexible and engaging. However, the biggest challenge that we face is having to go through trial-and-error process for each new educational app or website. Some apps aren’t engaging enough and others are more for fun and not enough learning. So, how does a parent know if an app or website is the right fit for their child to help them learn to read?

Learn with Homer

So, now it’s my youngest son’s turn to learn to read. He and I recently got the chance to use and review Learn with Homer, a groundbreaking early learning program developed by top literacy experts and proven to produce results. And here are a few qualities that attracted me to using Learn with Homer as a reading resource:

  • It uses the latest science on how children learn to read and build knowledge.
  • It offers an exceptional array of content for children – more than 1,000 lessons and activities.
  • It is also the only program for families proven effective by gold-standard research.

Learn with Homer

Setting up an account is very easy. Once I created my login, I simply needed to add a profile for my son. He can choose his own avatar and then he’s ready to get started. One important factor for me is whether or not my son can navigate the site and activities without me there. Learn with Homer is the first digital product that teaches children how to read without the need for an adult to assist them. And since there is a dashboard for parents, I can track his progress, listen to his voice while he’s reading and even see his work on a Pinterest-like board.

These are all advantages of a quality learn-to-read app or website. We chose the website because my son needs more practice learning to use a keyboard opposed to using touch screens. Various lessons and activities including stories, games, history, science, art and music help him navigate around the laptop. Watch the video of my chiquito as he got started learning the letter ‘A’.

What I appreciate in Learn with Homer is that the creators went beyond the repetition drills and encouraged critical thinking with response questions. By including stories that also teach lessons about various topics, my son is learning something new while learning to read. To me, that is a winning combination.

Learn with Homer

Learn with Homer has engaged more than 1.5 million children worldwide to date. This fall, it is undergoing a complete reboot, with entirely new navigation and the introduction of a new interactive themed world, to help families more easily find the vast amount of learning material. Users can try it for free with a 30-day trial from learnwithhomer.com or on the App Store on iPad. Unlimited access to the entire curriculum is available for $7.95 per month or $79.95 for a full year’s membership. For QueMeansWhat.com readers, there is an Exclusive Discount code which will give 50% off for one year of Learn With Homer. Find it here: https://learnwithhomer.com/BLOGO77GY

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