Starting Summer Family Traditions Because Time Goes Too Fast – Making S’mores on the Grill #VeranoHersheys

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Summers always remind me of how fast time seems to fly by. Each year, my boys have grown another size in clothes and chanclas. But it’s not just their physical growth that I notice, I also see their growth from my baby boys to my big boys. Where I once could fill a baby pool with water and keep them entertained, we are currently at the age where all they want to do is spend summer days running around outside with water balloons and water blasters.

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Summer days with Water Blasters #VeranoHersheys QueMeansWhat
TIP: Keep a few extra water blasters on hand so it’s easy to invite neighborhood kids over for a fun water battle and everyone has their own blaster. 

Summer days quickly turn into summer nights. As the sun sets and the air begins to cool, these big boys are still full of energy and curiosity. So, even during the nights, we need to keep our boys engaged in positive behavior. Making s’mores has become a perfect activity to keep their interest and spend time together as a familia–  one of our summer family traditions, if you will.
S'mores on Summer Nights with #VeranoHersheys @QueMeansWhat

We’ve already spent a few nights outside making s’mores! We turn on some tunes because everything is more fun with music. Then, we gather all of our supplies to make our s’mores. We start the fire and hang out together. As a mom, I learned early on that your kids will always talk to you more when you are sitting around the dinner table together. The same goes for roasting s’mores outside! It’s a perfect family event. Not to mention it’s cost-effective and fun!

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Making S'mores Summer Nights #VeranoHersheys

S’mores are super easy because it only consists of three ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Simple but so delicious! With two energetic boys, this momma doesn’t make a lot of time to create Pinterest-like snacks. Simple and easy works best for me.

An added bonus for making s’mores on this Weber® Smokey Joe® Charcoal Grill that we received from Hershey’s is that it’s portable and easy to fire up! We can use this in our front or backyard which is great because we spend equal time in both during the summer. Plus, it’s easier to pack up and take camping, too!

Summer Nights with S'mores and #VeranoHersheys

As hard as it to let my babies grow up, they must learn to do things on their own. So, mi chiquto assembled the crackers while my older son roasted the marshmallows. Using the extension fork is super helpful to keep kids a safe distance from the flame while they roast the marshmallows.\

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 , 1o. TURN! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,” they both counted out loud for the perfect roast.

TIP: To keep each kids engaged, assign them with their own task. For example, one child can assemble the crackers and chocolate before the marshmallows are added.

Smores Summer Must-Haves #VeranoHersheys

TIP: Everyone likes their marshmallows at a different level of gooey-ness so be sure to buy plenty of marshmallows as you will sure to over or under roast them. 

Outdoor S'mores on Summer Nights #VeranoHersheys @QueMeansWhat

As long as the marshmallows turn gooey and the chocolate melts, our little familia will make s’mores on summer nights after fun days of friendly water balloon and water blaster battles. Family traditions are about quality time together and that’s what these s’mores are bringing us. Before too long, these boys will be all grown up. My prayer is that they will cherish our time together every time they bite into yummy s’mores.

Do you have a summer family tradition? Cuéntame.

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