When We Know Better, We Do Better – Natural Alternative to Vapor Rub

Melanie Mendez-Gonzales

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  1. Jeannette says:

    I’ll have to look into this vapor rub. My hubby uses vapor rub a lot during the winter months and I’d prefer him to have natural options. It would like it works well so I’ll be sure to check it out!

  2. These products sound great, I like that they are all natural. I need to get these for my kids!

  3. Karen says:

    VapoRub was my grandma’s go-to when I got sick at her house. I still use it with my kids today, but I’m always up for a natural alternative. I will look into this.

  4. Liz Mays says:

    Wow that does sound like a nice, safe alternative. It would come in handy this time of year.

  5. I’m not Latina but I know the amazing power of Vapour Rub . It works amazing and gives fast relief of congestion

  6. My mom used to slather us in Vicks Vapor Rub when we were little! I would much rather find a natural alternative! Will be checking this out, for sure.

  7. amanda says:

    This sounds like a great product, both for comfort and for healing!

  8. Cher says:

    Love vapor rub, use it all the time with my family! I haven’t heard of Maty’s before, will have to check it out.

  9. Rose says:

    I like that there are now natural alternatives to cold medicines. The name brand vapor rub is a staple in my house in the winter, but I think I would like this natural version better.

  10. Carol Bryant says:

    I just got over a terrible bout of bronchitis and I could have used this. Bookmarking this.

  11. Bri says:

    I would definitely like to try an all natural vapor rub. I know when I am congested cayenne pepper does the trick.

  12. Rosey says:

    I wouldn’t mind having an alternative in the house. It’s great to have options!

  13. I completely agree that if I know of a more natural, healthier alternative, then I will always choose that. With cold and flu season about to begin, this is really good info to know!

  14. Denise C says:

    I had no idea this existed, but it sounds perfect for me and my family. This is exactly why I read blogs!

  15. Thanks! I love hearing about natural options!

  16. This sounds like a great product, both for comfort and for healing! I need to check it out!

  17. Laura Funk says:

    Definitely need to look into these. I hate all the chemicals in everything

  18. Maryann Peik says:

    Oh I need to stock up on this for the cold and flu season! Vapor rub is so handy to have, and it does work like a charm!

  19. Megan says:

    These look like such great products for kids when they are sick. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Kim Croisant says:

    Oh yea, I’ll choose all natural over any other product….it’s so important that we don’t inhale chemicals.

  21. Keikilani says:

    We rub vix on our feet when sick. Love products like these. Will have to try this brand.

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