Something to Smile About ~ Summer Time #CricketNation

{Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Cricket Wireless as a 2014 brand ambassador.}

Does summer time make you smile? Despite the high, melting temperatures in South Texas, summer time always makes me smile. I’m an optimist and believe that in our world of instant sharing, we share our photos and videos of what makes us smile in hopes that we put a smile on the faces of our online friends and loved ones, too.

Smile (verb) – form one’s features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression.

Here are a few things that bring on my summer smiles …

Water time with my boys.

Splashing around is a must do! Most times water fun doesn’t even have to include a pool. Mis niños locos are happy with water guns in the backyard or an afternoon of bombing each other with water balloons. It’s always a fun time!

Summer Time In Pool

A Refreshing Raspa

A friend introduced me to this mangonada frozen delight last year. I’ve always been a fan of fruity frozen treats but add a little chili powder for fruit and chamoy (Mexican sauce generally served with fruit), you get a fruity, sweet and salty summer must-have.

Mangonada Summer Time QueMeansWhat

Fourth of July Fireworks

I’ve loved fireworks since I was a girl. My birthday is soon after and I used to believe that the fireworks in the park were just for me. Many of my birthday celebrations included nights at the park to watch breath-taking fireworks, even as an adult! Now, I get to watch them with my kids and THAT never gets old.

Cricket Wireless – Something to Smile About

These moments are fun to share. Cricket Wireless makes it easy for you to share those moments that make you smile. In fact, they are giving you something to smile about. The new Cricket Wireless has competitive, no-contract plans on a nationwide 4G LTE Network. The $40-, $50-, and $60-per-month plans come with unlimited talk and text and 500MB, 2.5GB, and 5GB of data, respectively.  Learn more at the new Cricket Wireless.

new cricket logo


This summer, what’s your something to smile about?!