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We had been engaged for 10 months but I knew I wanted to marry him long before that. We had been planning and saving for our big day. It became very stressful. At the time, I was a retail manager and he was a banking manager and it was Christmas time. Our work tripled the stress. My husband suggested we forgo the big wedding and elope one December afternoon. I so badly wanted to say yes!

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However, I wanted my dad to be there and he was 300 miles away with no sign of visiting soon. To my surprise my dad called me either later the same day or the very next. My memory escapes me. Either way, he said, “I’ve decided to come visit you all for the holidays and I’ll be there for two weeks.”

I immediately called my husband and asked if HE wanted to marry me in the next two weeks. He said YES! We did it. We planned our wedding in two weeks! I even found a real wedding dress similar to the one from pictured above. It was quite the rushed experience to get it all just perfect (and it was  a perfect December evening wedding). I didn’t do online wedding dress shopping back then but it would have been a HUGE convenience since I had almost no time to shop.

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Any time you are planning a big day, it can be stressful. Whether it’s a wedding, quinceañera, prom, or homecoming, the added stress of finding the perfect dress can be overwhelming. Avoiding the time it takes to go from dress shop to dress shop could be helpful. I don’t know about you but I’ve made more online purchases this year than ever before. It makes perfect sense to shop online for a special occasion dress … or accessories, reception favors or shoes!

But is it safe?! uses trusted payment processing systems, integrates VeriSign’s globally recognized payment technology, and accepts credit card, debit card, wire transfer, Western Union, and PayPal payments.

How will I know the fit is right?  I was happy to see a sizing chart on complete with detailed instructions and a video guide. That makes it easier for you to measure your body correctly to help you order the right size.

What about the color? It’s different on a screen. Yes, it can be hard to know the color will match exactly what you see. offers a color swatch for a small fee, 5.99. It can be sent to you so you know exactly which color your dress will be.

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While I don’t recommend that everyone plan their wedding in two weeks, I do recommend that you check out all your options that will ease your experience. We all live very busy lives. Online shopping can be the  time saver you need to find your next dress. Go ahead, visit to see if your perfect dress is waiting for you.

**Remember, the photos above and on the website are for modeling the dress, not the person. YOU are unique and beautiful and you will look fabulous in the dress that is perfect for you!