Which Ones Are Your Favorite Selena Quintanilla Songs? Here are mine …

Selena Wax Figure Madame Tussauds, Photo: Facebook.com/selenalaleyenda

Selena Wax Figure Madame Tussauds, Photo:  Facebook.com/selenalaleyenda

Selena Quintanilla’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds was revealed on August 30, 2016 and all her fans rejoiced! Some even cried because that’s how much we still miss her after all this time. Just in case you aren’t familiar (pero like you should, if you’ve read any of this blog), Selena was the iconic Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and fashion designer who was also known as the Queen of Tejano music. She died tragically in 1995.

Her music is timeless. In this “Making the Selena Wax Figure: Behind the scenes footage” her dad, Abe Quintanilla accurately describes Selena’s voice:

“She could transform her voice to sound like the rest of the R & B artists or Mexican mariachi. You don’t find too many artists that can do that. Selena was that kind of artist.”

Of all her various sounds, I’m left to wonder if you could choose a favorite or favorites. Queridos, what are your favorite Selena Quintanilla songs?

Before Google, when you couldn’t easily find the lyrics to all of your favorite songs, you had to listen to them repeatedly to learn the lyrics. I’m dating myself, yo sé pero this was how I learned most of my Spanish. Selena’s music was/is full of emotion. Sometimes that emotion was happiness. Sometimes it was sadness. A lot of times it was love. Selena’s songs were/are always easy to listen to on repeat. I listened to these songs over and over.

Selena Quintanilla Songs – My Favorites

I can’t choose just one or two! So, here’s FIVE of my favorites:

LISTEN to all Selena’s hits on iTunes

Ay, the heart break in this song! “Como La Flor”

The sound my heart makes when I see mi esposo. “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”

Have you heard Selena rap? Listen to this one! … “Techno Cumbia”

Here English crossover song … “Dreaming of You”

Again with the heartbreak … “No Me Queda Mas”

Bueno Queridos, it’s your turn. How many Selena Quintanilla songs are your on your favorites list?