Are You Paying Attention to Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez? Leading Hispanic Actresses (and Director)

Remember the days when Latinas on TV seemed hard to come by? We still have work to do but these leading Hispanic actresses – Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez – are making quite some noise.

Recently, Jane the Virgin star Jaime Camil shared this post on Instagram which tipped us off that Eva Longoria would be making an appearance on the hit show.

Guess who is checking into the Marbella Hotel this Season? #JaneTheVirgin

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And then, Eva Longoria tweeted this!

So, is she directing and guest starring? Guest starring in one and directing another? Yo no sé pero siento muy excited about the whole deal!

Both of these Latinas have been huge advocates for more diversity and inclusion in Hollywood. It makes me so happy to see them working together. THIS is what it looks like when women lift up one another. All. the. feels.

It didn’t hurt that they were together on Women’s Equality Day.

But there’s more. Both Gina and Eva have been working on other projects, too. Gina has landed herself on two magazine covers – HEALTH and LATINA. She’s speaking up for girls’ education with TheCW. And we are all awaiting her next movie with Mark Wahlberg!

Eva recently launched her new clothing line at The Limited. It’s time to update my wardrobe, Queridos!

And on Women’s Equality Day, Eva launched her #Evamoji app. Everyone is loving the women-empowered messages from these Evamojis, including her own hairstylist Ken Paves.

And just for fun, here are a couple of screenshots of Eva’s Snapchat story from her time on Jane the Virgin set. I’m not a stalker or anything.

Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez on Snapchat - Que Means What Eva Longoria and Gina Rodriguez on Snapchat - Que Means What

Can we just be best amigas already?!