New Selena Song “Oh No! (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again)” LISTEN and Download TuneIn for Official Selena Radio

Queridos, who knew we’d ever get a NEW Selena song?! Thanks to the Quintanilla family, we got one! “Oh No! (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again)” You’ll hear her father explain that the song while recorded was never release because the sound was not ‘up to par’. Thankfully, they’ve released a version of it to share with us. They knew fans wouldn’t mind. And we don’t!

It’s True. A Selena Festival is Finally Here. Fiesta de la Flor 2015 in Corpus Christi #FiestadelaFlorCC

It’s like Christmas! LISTEN to “Oh No! (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again)” as shared from Love Selena Facebook page.

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