Our MayCation is for Creating Colorful Summer Memories

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Tampico. All opinions are my own including how to play toma todo.

You don’t have to travel with your family to create fun colorful summer memories. Capture great summer moments for your Summer Scrapbook exactly where you are. A fun alternative to traveling is to make your home Destination MayCation – a staycation in May just before summer kicks off!
  As homeschoolers, our house is our school and our home. So, we’ve gotten pretty good a reinventing our space when we need a break from our own space. My number one rule when it comes to a MayCation at home is to break all the rules. It can’t feel like a fun and colorful vacation at home if all the regular rules keep the day looking like all the other days.

Parent Tip: The kids should no nothing of the plans. Make it appear to them that you wake up in the morning with nothing on the calendar so why not have a MayCation at home! It will seem as if it is a free day of fun activities. The reality is mom and dad planned ahead for this day of fun. It’s just not as exhausting as planning for travel.


Here are a few rules that we break and what we do instead to keep our summer colorful at home:

Instead of learning all day, we play all day.

On most days, even my games have a learning component to them. I’m a homeschool mom. I squeeze in school whenever possible. When it comes to a MayCation, no learning required. We have fun board games and card games that we pull out for a day of fun competition. Let’s be honest here, my kids are too busy strategizing on how to win that they don’t even realize they are thinking strategically and often doing mental math. I’m not telling them that!

When possible, introduce them to a new game. My husband and I each grew up playing a traditional Mexican game Toma Todo but we introduced it to our boys during our MayCation. The plastic or wooden spindle is inexpensive and you can play with coins you already have in your home.

How to Play Toma Todo


Instead of preplanned meals, we enjoy refreshing drinks and our favorite snacks.

We don’t want to stop all the fun to run out and get our favorite snacks. So, I make sure we are stocked up in the kitchen. Of course, the kids don’t know I planned it that way. Their favorite snacks ‘just happen’ to be in the pantry. Some of their favorite drinks like Tampico Blue Raspberry and Citrus Punch ‘just happen’ to be chilled for them in the fridge. Fun snacks and colorful drinks keep the fun going all day long. Choose them wisely. Tampico is the positively irresistible juice drink that makes your family’s lives more colorful—with only 30 calories per serving! 


Instead of limited screen time, it’s extra screen time for our favorite movies and tv shows.

Most households today have screen time rules. We are one of them. For our MayCation we throw those out the window in exchange for family time watching my boys’ favorite movies and tv shows. Here’s one great thing about snuggling up with your kids on the couch. They are captive and will talk to you about what you are watching together. If you listen, they will continue talking to you about other things in their life. 

We find that this also works for video games that the whole family can play together.

Parent Tip: Just because you aren’t traveling doesn’t mean you shouldn’t capture the colorful life moments. Kids are only kids for so long. Take a few pictures of these special days of summer and add them to your Summer Scrapbook as a reminder to your family that some of your best summer moments were together at home. 

Join us and follow along to do your own Summer Scrapbook Challenge with Tampico and keep track of all of the colorful moments your family experiences this summer! #TampicoJuice #ItsAColorfulLife