Faith and Family Night with Silver Stars

Last week, the WNBA San Antonio Silver Stars hosted their annual Faith and Family Night.

The Christian Women’s Small Business Association was invited to hold the American flag on the court during the National Anthem. Our leader Anna brought us sashes and crowns to wear as we are the daughters of a King. Thanks Anna! You know how to make us feel special.

My new friend Coach Liz and I are excited before we walk on the court.

After much practice we made it on the court to proudly hold the flag during the National Anthem. What an honor!

I really wanted a photo holding the Stars Squad pom-poms but they were generous enough to have the whole squad take the photo with me! Thanks Jessica for not letting me leave until we got this shot 🙂

We watched the game and the STARS won 80 – 67. Way to go Silver Stars!

What a great way to celebrate our founder’s birthday. Happy Birthday Anna!

After the game Mark B. Spencer and the Greater Love Praise Team led worship in an intimate setting.  Sophia Young, #33 on Silver Stars player shared a little bit about what it is like to be a Christian in the WNBA.

It doesn’t matter if I have a great game or a terrible game. He is always gonna be there for me. That’s the great thing about a relationship with Christ. -Sophia Young

Sophia then introduced former University of Texas quarterback, current Cleveland Browns quarterback and self-professed Christian, Colt McCoy.  His message was about finding contentment as believers. He asked the audience if everything was taken away, would Jesus be enough?

The most important thing in our life is our relationship with Christ. … So I pray tonight for all of us in our walks in our everyday life that we would be able to find that place that we could operate in contentment knowing Jesus is in control. -Colt McCoy

You can see the After Game Worship and Testimonials on the Silver Stars website.

The whole night was full of friends and FUN! Thanks Silver Stars for keeping this tradition and thanks Anna for organizing this event for CWSBA !

Photo courtesy of CWSBA

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