Yanaguana Garden in San Antonio: Hemisfair Urban Park District

Hemisfair Park in San Antonio just got way cooler! The first phase of the construction at Hemisfair has been named Yanaguana Garden. During a pre-grand opening tour of this park, there were two things mentioned that stood out to me about the how the elements of this garden were chosen.

1. This area was designed for San Antonio residents because they believe that if they built it for San Anotnioans, the tourists would naturally want to be there, too.

2. Everything in the park was designed to be fun and exciting but also educational as it was designed by a cognitive development specialist who specifically studies how children learn to play.

Here are all the super cool things to check out the next time you are downtown San Antonio to visit Yanaguana Garden.

Unique Picturesque Pergola: Vines will grow up and over the pergola to provide shade on sunny days and the strung lights will provide light at night.

Promenade Pergola Yanaguana Garden - QueMeansWhat
The Boomerang Net Play: This first of its kind in San Antonio design allows for climbing, swinging, balancing, sliding and jumping at different elevations.

Boomerang Net Playscape Yanaguana Garden - QueMeansWhat

Unnamed Net Play Structure: Children of all ages can climb 28 feet into the air without being able to fall more than 5 feet at a time.

Yanaguana Garden Net Play - QueMeansWhat

San Antonio’s Long-Awaited Splash Pad: It includes 19 spray features where locally-sourced limestone steps will seep water. The splash pad will bend into a peaceful ankle-deep wading pool on one end, and be surrounded by share trees, low limestone seating walls and grassy slopes for lounging.

San Antonio Splash Pad Yanaguana Garden - QueMeansWhat

Sand Play Area: A place for kids to dig, build and explore under the shade of a large tree canopy. Children are encouraged to push activators in two water pumps to let a small amount of water into the digging pit to create wet sand for sand castles.

Sand Play Area Yanaguana Garden - QueMeansWhat

Anhinga Bird Bench and the Blue Panther : These two pieces  (created by local artist Oscar Alvarado) tell the Yanaguana Legend of an anhinga bird emerging from a hole in the ground being chased by a blue panther who later emerges from the same hole. As the bird flies up, a drop of water falls and that creates the blue hole that is the sources of water for the San Antonio River. Be sure to tell this to those with whom you visit the garden.

Yanaguana Storytelling Sculture Hemisfair Park - QueMeansWhat

Blue Panther at Yanaguana Garden - QueMeansWhat

Preschool Play Area: Toddlers have their own safe and accessible space to play, climb and explore.

Preschool Play Area at Yanaguana Garden - QueMeansWhat

Other great features you will find at the Yanaguana Garden are:

Theatre Courtyard located next to the Magik Theatre

The Big Backyard – courtyard with bocce, ping pong and chess tables.

The Lawn – to fly kites, have picnics or just lounge in the sun.

Central Plaza – 6,400 square plaza that will double as four life-size chess/checkers board.

Blogger Tour of Yanaguana Garden One Week Before Opening Periscope/Katch.me

You’ll find me and my family exploring the gardens or just relaxing and enjoying this first part of San Antonio’s urban park district. Will we see your family there?