A #TexaSweet Dinner for Some New Texas Sweet-hearts :: Shrimp with Rio Star Grapefruit Glaze

Love is in the air. Since last fall, my dear friend’s Facebook page has looked much different. Why? Because she fell in love. And it’s. so. sweet. Their love is young, strong and beautiful. She and I recently made plans for a little get together and when she asked if her new novio could join us … Duh, ¡Claro que si! I anxious to meet this mystery man who has swept her off her feet. Y’all, they are adorable together! My heart is so happy for them both.

Lovebirds TexaSweet QueMeansWhat

I created a TexaSweet Dinner for some new Texas sweet-hearts. I received some tasty grapefruits and a giftcard to WholeFoods from TexaSweet Citrus in exchange to host a dinner party. This was the perfect dinner to host and try a few new recipes! Either I have really great friends or the food really was that delicious. We all agreed that we forgot how much we actually liked grapefruits. Here’s what we had >>> 


Texas Citrus Salsa served with tostadas for dipping. This grapefruit and orange-based salsa was sweet and not spicy. The Texas Citrus Salsa recipe was super easy to follow. Chop it up, mix it together, drain and serve! I did substitute yellow and red peppers in place of jalepeños for more color and less heat.

Texas Citrus Salsa TexaSweet QueMeansWhat

Rio Star Grapefruit-Marinated Shrimp tacos served with black beans and Tex-Mex rice. I topped the the tacos off with the salsa from above. TexaSweet sent me a recipe for Grilled Shrimp with Rio Star Grapefruit Glaze but we didn’t use the grill. Instead, I used the citrus marinade for shrimp as directed, cooled in fridge for an hour, and then simply cooked the shrimp on a skillet. I did provide all beef tacos as an option just in case our guests were not fans of shrimp but they liked them both.

Shrimp Grapefruit Marinade TexaSweet QueMeansWhat

The lovebirds, my husband and I sat down to a family-style dinner and enjoyed great conversation and delicious tacos! It was one of those perfect times for friends – old and new – to catch up and have some laughs. I look forward to many more dinners together. As soon as it was over I asked myself: Why don’t we do this more often?