I’m an Optimist in Financial Planning and a Futurist in Tech – Hispanicize 2018

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

The 2018 Hispanicize Event was extra special for so many reasons. Along with celebrating special moments with many of my friends who create amazing content, I had meaningful conversations about how we financially plan for our future. As Latinos in the United States, we can do better in building wealth, planning for retirement, and saving for our children’s higher education.


Different Perspectives Towards Financial Readiness

“However many Latinos are in the United States is how many ways there are to be a Latino in the United States.” I say this often whenever I’m in a discussion about our American Latino identity. We don’t all fit in one box. As our identity differs, so do our financial needs and perspectives. Still, we all need to financially plan for our future which can be tricky because 59% of Latinos* are unsure about who to go to for financial advice and guidance.

How do you feel about your financial wellness? Prudential Suite at Hispanicize 2018 #Pruparate

As an 8th generation Texan, my perspective may differ from an immigrant or maybe even first-generation American. As a mother of two young boys, my financial planning may differ from non-parents or parents of adult children. However, Prudential’s new study “Americans and Money 2018: It’s Complicated” tells us that, as Latinos in the United States, we may have more similar perspectives than different:

  • 71% of middle-income Hispanics feel they are behind on preparing for retirement as
    opposed to 63% of the general population
  • 49% of Latinos say they don’t understand how to save and invest appropriately for their
  • 53% say it’s difficult to find financial services companies that know how to help households
    like the ones they belong to
  • 42% believe they have different financial planning needs than the average American

How do you relate to any of the above findings?

Siliva Tergas @YourFinPlanner at Hispanicize 2018 - Financially Planning Your Future
Siliva Tergas @YourFinPlanner at Hispanicize 2018 – Financially Planning Your Future

Financial Planning – I’m Optimistic

During a conversation with a Prudential representative, I was happy to say that I am optimistic about my family’s financial planning and future. Then, I learned later in a panel discussion that many Latinos are actually optimistic even if they aren’t on track. I had a moment of self-reflection. It was time to return home to discuss more specifics with my husband about our financial plan for our future.

Not many people, especially Latinos, love to have these financial planning conversations (the findings above reveal that). Even though I’m optimistic, put me in the group that would rather talk about anything else. However, it’s our personal responsibility to do what we can while we can to prepare for emergencies, life transitions, children’s education, and retirement. Personally, I do it so that I  can focus on what I want to do today and in the future – volunteer in my community and spend time with my family.

Begin your own conversation about retirement or your children’s college education. Check out these two Prudential resources:

Retirement: Saving Is Just the Start There are 7 questions to ask yourself to estimate your retirement income needs.

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80-Year-Old Millennial Survey

It’s no surprise that I am excited about what technology and the workplace may look like in the future. I’m an optimist! Technology is a tool that we can use to enhance our future for ourselves and our community. Notice in my videos and photos that I’m moving toward 360° photography and video. I’m excited about enhancing my social good storytelling with this new (to me) technology. So, when I took the 80-Year-Old Millennial Survey my results revealed that … you guessed it, I’m a futurist.

TINY PLANET - 360° Photos of Prudential Suite Financially Planning for Your Future HIspanicize 2018

Prudential’s landmark study, “The 80-Year- Old Millennial”, uncovers ways to help Millennials and policy influencers approach issues across health, wealth, technology and work. Prudential
commissioned a study from Kantar Futures. Futurists in tech, transportation, education and aging compiled the questions. The 1,000 Millennials polled helped us identify challenges and opportunities they anticipate.

In the year 2068, what will life be like for Millennials? Will technology become disruptive or
welcomed? Could imagining the seismic shifts to come, help us pave pathways to prosperity for the future? Take the 80-Year-Old-Millennial Survey today!

Queridos, how are you planning for the future – making financial plans and preparing for new technology?

About Hispanicize:
Now in its ninth year, Hispanicize 2018 Week is the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship.

*Prudential’s newest study “Americans and Money 2018: It’s Complicated”