Driving the KIA Soul! Refueled Momma’s Cool Factor #DriveKia

When you become a parent, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your cool factor. When you become a taxi for your kids, that cool factor is thrown out the window. Or is it? Cruising around in the Kia Soul! made this mom of boys feel cool again.

Melanie with KIA Soul

Our friends at KIA let us test drive the 2015 Soul! for a week with a full tank of gas. I was eager to try something different and fun! C’mon, the Soul!’s just look like so much fun when I see them on the road. And they are!

The 5-person size interior is spacious enough for comfort. This model had a sunroof, mood lighting, and technology features to access satellite radio and many features on my iPhone. Plus, the funky exterior offers the ‘cool’ factor.

KIA Soul

Over the weekend, we drove our ride-for-a-week down to the Medina River Natural Area just south of San Antonio for a family hike. While it was a short drive and we didn’t need any extra gear, the KIA Soul! hatchback does offer enough storage room, we could easily pack for an overnight camping adventure.

Skipping Rocks

A family’s regular weekly routine can become boring. Thankfully, we can break it up on the weekends with fun outdoor adventures. On this particular adventure, my boys learned how to skip rocks in the Medina River. I almost learned. As long as they have fun and want to hang with mom and dad, I’ll keep taking them on adventures.

Being a parent can leave you feeling uncool. You are always teaching, cleaning, keeping track and completing other parental duties. While our parenting lives may not be so cool for some and I know they definitely won’t be cool to my kids much longer, I’ll gladly accept a day outdoors with these two as long as they’ll hop in the car with me. Thanks to KIA, my boys thought the Soul! was one very cool experience! That, in turn, made mom cool … at least for a week.

Car selfie in KIA Soul

WATCH the Persicope I broadcasted and saved on Katch.me/quemeanswhat to get a look at the KIA Soul! inside and how this funky car helped me feel ‘cool’ again.

Learn more about the KIA Soul! on Kia.com