Gina Rodriguez Interviews President Obama and Her Tía Called Mid-Interview

Regardless of who you are voting for … you are voting, right, Queridos?! … Regardless of who you are voting for, it is pretty cool to watch Gina Rodriguez interview President Barack Obama. Is this the first time a Latina actress has interviewed a sitting President?

Gina Rodriguez partnered with mitú to ask all ‘the questions you’ve been wanting to ask President Obama’! WATCH the exclusive interview below:

The two discuss what President Obama’s plans are when he leaves the White House; Hillary Clinton; voting myths and Gina even answers the phone when her tía calls. Did Gina make her family proud? Does President Obama make arroz con pollo in the White House?!

Gina is the perfect person to interview President Obama because she’s not afraid to ask the questions and in the video below, she shares what it meant to her to have this opportunity.

Way to go, Gina! We are so proud!