Finding Dory​ – A 2016 Favorite Animated Movie Now Available on Digital HD Download

FINDING DORY Blu-ray and digital download available on

Finding Dory is one of our most favorite movies from 2016. Let me be completely honest here. My kids and I did not watch it together. My sister-in-law took them on a fun movie outing so they could enjoy time with their cousins. They came back and told me they loved the movie. So, I was happy.

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I watched the movie on a Moms Night Out with two of my dear friends. And the movie was so touching, I wished I had gone with my kids, too. I mean, if you’ve seen it, the part where we learn how Dory got lost … how could I let my kids experience that scene without me! (Of course, we know they were just fine. Mom was an emotional mess.)

Finding Dory on Digital HD

Finding Dory Digital HD Now Available

Now that Finding Dory is available in Digital HD, I can finally watch it with my kids!

I know my chiquito is super excited because he opted for TWO Halloween costumes this year to get to include this fun Finding Dory Costume! And he’s been wearing the fishy eyewear ever since the costume arrived.




Finding Dory Digital Copy GIVEAWAY


Now you can enjoy Finding Dory with your familia too! Thanks to our friends at Disney, QMW is giving away one digital copy of Finding Dory!

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Finding Dory Digital Copy GIVEAWAY -

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13 Responses

  1. Chase says:

    I just love Pixar and also Dory is my favorite Pixar Character!

  2. jack says:

    I love Dory because she is hilarious!!!

    • Melanie Mendez-Gonzales says:

      Hi Jack, you are the winner but I cannot reach you via email. Please email me at quemeanswhat at gmail dot com by November 19th. After that I will choose another winner.

  3. Derek says:

    Dory was the best character from Finding Nemo.

  4. Stacey Alvarado says:

    Pixar and Disney did it again! They made a movie that will make you laugh. cry and want to buy all their characters for the next 9 years! Which is exactly how long we have been collecting Disney/Pixar characters. Seriously, Finding Dory was very moving and still kept with its original theme in Nemo which is to just keep swimming!

  5. Lauren H says:

    I have never seen it but love the first movie.

  6. Samantha says:

    Ava loves Finding Dory because she loves Nemo and wants to be Dory next year for Halloween 🙂

  7. bernie wallace says:

    I like Finding Dory because I thought the movie did a good job of showing the difficulties parents face with a child that has disabilities. Thanks for the giveaway. This movie was very funny and touching.

  8. AHHHHHHH! I haven’t watched it yet, but I want to see it so bad!!!

  9. Valarie Salas says:

    We loved Finding Dory because it was so cute and funny. It’s very touching how she cares so much, even though she forgets everything, she could never completely forget the ones she loved.

  10. Breanne says:

    I haven’t seen it yet but Dory was my favorite character in Finding Nemo!

  11. Valarie Salas says:

    Your son looks adorable in his costume! Alina would love to play dress up in! Have a great week!

  12. We never seen this movie yet but the advertising looks so funny with all the animal in it. Dora is so funny in Finding Nemo hopefully this one is a good one for the kids too.

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