Eugenio Derbez – Being Bilingual on Screen and Latino Leaders in Hollywood

ICYMI: Here’s my interview with funny man Eugenio Derbez. His movie HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER is muy funny and it debuted at the number two spot with a pleasantly surprising $12M opening.

In the interview, Derbez shared with me that the best way to address a stereotype (latin lover) is to poke fun at it. That’s what he did in this movie. We also talked about why it was important for him and fellow co-star Salma Hayek to speak Spanish to each other on screen. Plus, Derbez insists that if we, the people who want to see more Latino power in Hollywood, show up and buy tickets to movies like this, we will get to see more movies like this.

“It’s not Hollywood. It was me. Nobody said let’s do a movie about Latinos and hire this guy Eugenio Derbez. It was me bringing the project to Lionsgate, producing this movie, and creating this script. We still need more Latino power in the Hollywood industry.

If you support this movie, we will be able to do more movies like this,” Eugenio Derbez.

Um, Queridos, I swear this sounds familiar. We do have the buying power. Hashtag Just Sayin’.