Finding the Right Gift for Her with a Global Purpose

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Global Purpose. All opinions are my own.

Do you like to give gifts that mean something? I do. Sometimes that gets me in trouble because I think about the gift too much and have a hard time selecting the ‘right’ gift for the ‘right’ person. A different approach for me is to shop for a gift with a bigger meaning than myself or the person for whom I’m shopping. This kind of gift makes a difference in the lives of the people who make the product.

Made in the Shade jewelry collection - Global Village

Shopping for my mom is usually my biggest challenge. She knows what she likes and can buy it for herself so that leaves me almost guessing what kind of gift would mean a lot to her. A few years ago, I began to shop for her gifts from local artists and jewelers. She loved her gifts because they were unique. I loved telling her about the person who made her gift. Each person had their own great story. Even more, I loved that I was directly supporting the person who made the product.

What if I could support people like this all over the world?

Global Village - Sustainable Shopping

Global Purpose helps me get to do just that. It is an ethical sourcing company, helping brands find ways to operate more sustainably and humanely. Its Village Artisan collection employs women in India who create these handmade goods. The products are not only stunning but they are eco-friendly. This purposeful giving company provides education and income opportunities for women and children living in vulnerable communities, including India, Haiti, and Uganda.

I found the Village Artisan collection at HEB Blooms department. While I was shopping, a woman struck up a conversation with me about the collection. We both agreed that the jewelry was beautiful and not like anything else we’ve seen. I asked her what did she love about the jewelry. She said, “I love what it does! I love that it allows a woman to work and support herself and her family.”

Global Village - Sustainable Shopping

Wow! She’s right. The Shade jewelry collection and Freedom Shrug items are all from their Village Artisan line are made by women in India. Buying gifts for my loved ones and for myself from this collection is actually helping women in India. While I don’t get to meet them and know their stories personally, I appreciate that the owners of Global Village Kaitlyn and Jon Jordan are helping us make a real difference in these women’s lives.

So, this year on Mother’s Day, I can tell my mom a new story about what her gift means to women across the globe. Don’t think I didn’t get myself a little something, too. When I wear my Village Artisan jewelry and receive a compliment, which I know I will because its gorgeous, I can tell them the story behind these gifts that make a difference.

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