Love Yourself. Create Your Own Story. #Loveurself

It’s simple; it’s just not always easy. We create our own stories. We can write them in books, design them through art, record them with video, or share them via social media. We simply need to begin.

In response to some unkind, body shaming remarks about the women in San Antonio, #ProudSAwoman call-to-action earlier this month was a way to create our own story online.  The mission behind #ProudSAwoman was to show the whole world the amazing women living in the Alamo City. San Antonio women did just that!  May 8th was a fabulous day when San Antonio women essentially created their own story with their own photos online, and stayed in charge of who THEY SAY they are.

Who We Say We Are

What I’ve Learned This Last Month

  • When women work together for one purpose, they are unstoppable.
  • My friends are freakin’ amazing! (Well, I knew that one already.)
  • Body shaming will continue. Some will just call it ‘a sense of humor’.
  • We don’t need to wait for an outsider to say offensive comments about our community in order to celebrate who we are.
  • We really are in control of who we say we are. So, love yourself.

Focus on the Positive … #LOVEURSELF MOVEMENT

When I saw my friend Diana share the hashtags #LoveUrself and #LoveUrselfMovement, it made my heart happy. I’m in love with the concept to create an inspirational message for people to share and develop a community focusing on inner strength.

The creator of the movement, Randi Klein, states:

If people know how to love themselves and they treat themselves with love and respect and dignity then they can begin to treat and love others the same way, and the world can sure use a little more love these days.

Once again, I’m inviting you to share photos, blog posts, quotes online using #Loveurself in order to continue to create your own story. Let’s look for the positive and create communities where we can lean on one another when we are overwhelmed by the negative messages. Let’s begin with ourselves. Find out more details on my friend Diana’s blog: LadyDeeLG.


Need Inspiration?

I shared this on Instagram. It’s what I share with my children on a regularly.

Redefine Beauty TEDxSA Salon

Earlier this year, the women of San Antonio gathered for one day to Redefine Beauty. I volunteered on the planning committee of this incredible event led by my friend, Kim McDonald. The entire day consisted of empowering women to understand their worth, create their own stories instead of allowing others tell their stories, and develop a community of women of support.

Karen Walrond, author of “The Beauty of Different“, spoke to the group with this inspiring message:

We are the media. Share what speaks to you as beauty and share it on social media.

Here’s her your presentation from the TEDxSA Salon and with the Beauty of Different video.

#ProudSAwoman May 8th Recap