A Sunday Confessional … Too Much ¡Dale!

A recent conversation in my home:

5 year old: Mom, what’s that song Pimple sings?

Me: Pimple?

5 year old: Yeah, I can’t remember it the name of it. You like it.

Me: Hmmm … maybe you are thinking about one of Dad’s songs. I don’t know ‘Pimple’. (Thinking it must be some new rapper with whom I’m completely unfamiliar.)

3 year old bursts out: “yeah-y-yeah-yeah! Que no pare la fiesta! … ” (dancing to the imaginary beat)

5 year old joins in:  … “Don’t stop the paaaarrrtay!”

Me: Dale …  (Acknowledging at least they don’t know all the lyrics and what they mean.)



Photo source: Eva Rinaldi