Learning More Than Expected at Hispanicize with Cooper Tires

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cooper Tires and DiMe Media.

All opinions are my own.

Hispanicize 2017 was an amazing experience! Thanks to Cooper Tires, I learned more than I expected. One of the reasons that I regularly attend Hispanicize is to learn more about the latest digital trends as it pertains to the Latino community. This year, I learned a bit more about a company who invested their time and efforts not just to meet Latino influencers but also to listen to and to learn from us.

Discussion with Cooper Tires at Hispanicize

Remember this adorable video that I shared last month about me getting ready to go to Hispanicize?

Well, that was a part of this campaign for Cooper Tires. I, along with other Latino influencers, documented the experience of getting four brand new Cooper Tires on our vehicles. When we got to Miami, we had the opportunity to meet a team of Cooper Tires representatives for a discussion about our experiences.

Cooper Tires Focus Group

I have to admit that I’m impressed with Cooper Tires to take the opportunity at Hispanicize to host a focus group. There are many different events that a sponsor like Cooper Tires can do at a conference like this. I’m glad they chose to ask questions, listen, and learn.

What is a focus group? It is a group of people who participate in a guided discussion about a product. At Hispanicize, the group of people were Latino influencers and the discussion was about Cooper Tires and our past experiences with tires in general.

The common message that kept coming up was that there should be more education about how to choose tires for your vehicles. I was surprised at how many people in the focus group felt that they weren’t educated enough on tires. I’m the girl who took auto mechanics in high school. So, I’ve had a good sense for car safety pretty much since I began driving. Through this focus group, I realized that many women and men are not educated in car safety. If you feel that you are not educated well in tire safety, I strongly encourage you to bookmark Cooper Tires website.

Here’s a snippet of the type of information that you will find:

You may not realize it, but the way you drive can have a lot to do with how long your tires will last and how well they perform. As you head down the road, there are a number of things to keep in mind, so cultivate good driving habits for your own benefit.

Observe posted speed limits.
Avoid fast starts, stops and turns.
Avoid potholes and objects on the road.
Do not run over curbs or hit the tire against the curb when parking.

What do tires mean to me now?

Tires mean safety. I don’t know that my perception has changed with this experience. I’ve known that tires on our vehicles are important. After going through the focus group, I did realize that I didn’t make always safety a priority. For example, when I was in college, I was always broke. Still, I needed my car to get to school and to work. I didn’t mind if I had to replace one tire at a time instead of being able to replace them all at once. I didn’t mind if I had to buy cheap tires. Money was tight and I knew that I was sacrificing something. Today, as a mom who almost always has her kids in the car with her, I won’t settle for cheap or unsafe tires. As our journey in life changes, so do our priorities.

We’ve had our Cooper Tires on our vehicle for several weeks now. I have no complaints. This is the first time I’ve had Cooper Tires on any vehicle. So far, so good. If the quality lives up to what I expect that it will and because the company has shown how much time and effort they put in developing relationships with the women and Latinos who purchase tires, I’m likely to purchase Cooper Tires again.


Queridos, on a scale of 1 to 10, what is your level of education when it comes to tire safety? Leave me a comment below.

WATCH Hispanicize 2017 – as seen through my iPhone. See Cooper Tires at Hispanicize at 0:56 mark.