5 Things We Forget When Packing for Vacation or a Trip

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Summer 2015 has been a summer on the road for my familia. We started our summer with a drive from Texas to California and back. It was our first vacation road trip as a family with nothing else planned but family time – finally, a real vacation. And most recently, we took our first beach camping trip two hours away. We aren’t done yet!

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For each trip I, as mom, am in charge of the packing. My packing routine is to start making a list of things we use daily on the day before we leave. I either place items on the bathroom counter or directly in the suitcase after we use them. For example, once the boys are done with the bath, I place their 2-n-1 soap on the counter as a reminder to pack it.

When traveling with kids by either car or plane, parents are pretty good about packing items to keep the kids entertained. We use tablets, reading books, coloring books and favorite superhero figurines. Packing snacks is almost second nature when you have kids, too. If we can make the kids as comfortable as possible, it will make traveling for parents much less stressful.

five most common items that are forgotten when packing for a trip.

However, no matter how much I check off my list for my family’s packing needs, it’s inevitable that I forget to pack something. So, instead of seeking a list of things to be sure to pack, I searched the web for things we forget when packing. Below are the five most common items that are forgotten when packing for a trip.

Don’t forget to pack … 

1. Umbrella

2. Gadget chargers

3. Underwear

4. Toothpaste

5. First-Aid Items

Making sure that I pack a pain-reliever in my first-aid kit is essential. When I have forgotten to pack a pain-reliever and ended up needing one, I had not choice but to over pay for two small OTC pills to help relieve any pain. I was happy to find an alternative.

First Aid Shot Therapy (FAST) has developed a line of convenient, FDA-compliant, single-dose liquid medications with travelers in mind. They help relieve pain and other common ailments fast and they fit in your suitcase, carry-on bag or purse. I’m keeping this in my first-aid traveling kit because I don’t need water if I need to take it. First Aid Shot Therapy is available on Amazon (First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief, Berry Flavor, 1.35 Ounce (Pack of 12)) and at your local H.E.B.

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five most common items that are forgotten when packing for a trip.
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