Sharing My Own Tips on Building Your Own Empire with Traditional Media and Branding

No one builds their own empire on their own. For small business owners and bloggers, Blogalicious is the conference to gain a community, resources and insider information on how to build your own empire.

Last year, this amazing conference was held in San Antonio and it was my first time to attend. I made valuable connections, found important blogging and business resources and gained new friends. There are many conferences for bloggers who want to turn this into a business and Blogalicious is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Being so inspired from last year, the only thing I could think of to give back to this community was to offer my own knowledge and resources. Guess what, queridos?! I am a speaker! My presentation is:

Traditional Media Isn’t Dead. Make Them Partners in Building Your Empire.
Blogs and Twitter are awesome. Instagram and Snapchat are great. YouTube and Vine are genius. Periscope is hot and Pinterest is sexy. But what about traditional media? It’s easy to forget television, radio and print – outlets that have been the stalwarts of content creation and sharing for so long. In this session, Melanie will share why, as online media entrepreneurs, we should embrace traditional media and how to develop and leverage those relationships as we build our empires.

Attendees will learn about my own experiences being featured in local news and morning shows, coverage of the American Latino Expedition on NPR’s Latino USA and CNN Español. Thanks to my friends and my own empire-building supporters, attendees will hear tips that I learned from a TV producer, public relations professional and local business owner.

Here are a FIVE quick tips in partnering with traditional media:

1. Build your press list and keep it current.

  1. When pitching, keep it short and share the WHY.

  2. Stay on top of current events in order to incorporate your message in what’s trending.

  3. Follow up after coverage and offer yourself as an available expert.

  4. Remember that traditional media is about creating awareness, not direct buys.

I’m looking forward to sharing examples and more details with the attendees of Blogalicious.

That’s not all! Blogalicious attendees can stop by the Domain.Me Suite on Saturday from 12:50 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. for one-on-one sessions with ME – one of seven top branding experts! In the suite, you’ll also get to pick up your FREE 1 year .ME domain, and enjoy a comfortable lounge area complete with refreshments and light appetizers. If you are there, come by and see me! at Blogalicious 2015 with Melanie Mendez-Gonzales

Do you have branding tips to share? I’d love to see them in the comments. Also, please share these tips with any small business owners or bloggers you may know who are looking for media coverage.

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