Hello 34

Hello 34 (yes, I’m telling my age) … So this is what you look like; well, here’s what I thought you’d look like …

25 thought you’d have more money in the bank when she graduated college and started her first career.

19 thought you’d be much more traveled but she’s impressed with where you have been.

21 wonders where the party is? She doesn’t get staying in with the Gonzales boys totally outweighs going out with the girls!

28 is happy that you are happily married and love him even more than she did. But surprised that you learned what the Bible meant in Col 3:18.

29 thought surely 4 years after your son’s birth, you’d be *skinnier*.

7 thought you would be a lawyer and I think 8 thought you’d be a back up dancer for Janet Jackson!

17 still can’t believe that you know even less now than at 17!

23 can’t believe how domestic you are (and I’m sure my husband can’t believe how domestic I’m not!)

31, 32, and 33 are proud and impressed with how you have learned from your mistakes and experiences, forgiven yourself, taken responsibility for you life, happiness and future.

12 is rejoicing that you stopped looking for God since she knew He never left you. She was brave enough to ask Jesus to live in her heart.

So, 34 this is what you look like to me:

Forgiven and saved.
Responsible and great.
Happy and healthy.
Love and patience (okay patience is a work in progress, check back at 45).
Facing fear and doing it anyway.
Motherhood and learning every step of the way.
Knowing there will be more mistakes made and that’s okay.
Understanding … There is no someday, only today.

34 you are perfect, whole and complete just the way you are. Happy Birthday girl!