Johnson & Johnson Inspires – Latism12

Last week, I shared that I was excited to return to the Latinos in Social Media Conference 2012. Along with the many things that had changed for me in one year, I was happy to also see some returning sponsors. One of those sponsors was Johnson & Johnson.

Pro Mujer

On Friday, Johnson & Johnson sponsored our lunch and shared a presentation about their commitment to programs to help care for mothers and children around the world. Pro Mujer is one of the programs. It is a leading development organization that provides women in Latin America with financial, health and human development services that are typically out of reach, but essential to breaking the cycle of poverty. In 2009, they set out to provide 350,000 women with these resources and by the close of 2011, Pro Mujer had reached 358,946 women entrepreneurs.

Global Motherhood

In their effort to use social media for social good and their theme “Global Motherhood,” we received passports when we visited their suite at the conference. When we visited each station to learn about Save the Children, Pro Mujer and Text4Baby, they stamped our passport. Once we received all of our stamps, we were given a goody bag and everyone was entered in a grand prize drawing.

The photos and stories of the children reminded me to count my blessings. I’m so grateful for my healthy kids and families. The stories of the ladies who participate in Pro Mujer and what they do for their families inspired me. Really? If they can become successful with a little help and a lot of dedication, what is my excuse?

I took the goodies from our bag and returned home at first thinking how happy I was to use the products. On the Sunday I returned, I attended church and learned of a program to send shoe boxes full of hygiene products and toys to children all over the world who are in need. Johnson & Johnson inspired me to not only give away the goodies you handed out but some from the other sponsors too.

If you are not familiar with the social good programs that J & J is partnered with, take a moment and visit their websites. See if you are inspired to spread the word, volunteer or donate.