Tires Matter Because They Keep Mi Familia Safe on the Road

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Our family car is serves a purpose greater than getting us from point A to point B. It’s a second home on wheels. It’s a place to sleep when we go car-camping. It’s a mobile office for my business. Our family car can take us on our next vacation, or to outdoor hiking trails, or to explore a new place in our own city. It takes me to meetings across town, to another city for a speaking event, and to run errands to prepare for major events like Hispanicize (the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers).
New Tires on Family Car - Cooper Tires

Whether my goal is to drive across the country or just drive across town, the priority is to arrive safely. Car maintenance is key in making sure this happens. That includes the tires, of course. The tires that I put on my car affects my comfort, my safety, and my wallet. So, I chose Cooper Tires because with the Cooper® brand, I get quality tires at a great price, from a company that I trust.

I was able to take our family car to a new local Meineke Shop because I needed a Cooper Tires authorized dealer that would see me right away. Of course, my kids came along for the ride and I was pleased to be at a location that had a clean, fun space for them to relax, play and be safe while we waited for the tires to be installed.

Car Service at Meineke in San Antonio

Curious to see how the old tires were removed and the new tires were installed, I was able to capture part of the process from a safe distance. I also spent some time talking to the manager on-site about the new location, challenges of keeping my car maintained, and how excited I was to work with Cooper Tires. The service was excellent and more importantly, I felt confident in the work and that I was listened to when I asked questions. This is important, especially as a woman, at a service shop.

I left knowing that I had chosen the right tires and that they were installed correctly. This is key to keeping me and mi familia safe on the road.

TIRES MATTER – Tire Maintenance and Safety Facts

Queridos, here are a few of the many tire maintenance and safety facts from the experts at Cooper Tires who want to drive home the importance of tires through facts every driver should know. Tires matter because the four tires on your vehicle are the only parts to come in contact with and keep you connected to the road. For safety and good performance, you must properly care for, maintain and inspect your tires.

Visually assessing proper pressure is impossible.
Even though your tires may look properly inflated, they may be under inflated by as much
as 50 percent.2 It is important to have the proper inflation pressure in your tires, as under
inflation can lead to tire failure.

Proper pressure can save money at the pump.
Tires that are under inflated by eight PSI or more can reduce the life of the tire by 9,000
miles, and can increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption by four percent. 3 Be sure to
routinely check your tire pressure to reduce your gasoline consumption and overall
expenses on the road.

Outside temperature can affect your tire’s pressure.
Because tires are filled with air, the outside temperature can affect your tire’s pressure
more than you might expect. On average, experts say that tire pressure decreases by
about one pound per square inch for every 10° F drop in the temperature. The changing
seasons are a good reminder to check pressure.

Tread can be checked with a U.S. penny.
Proper tread depth helps tires maintain traction and improves handling. Proper tread
depth can also help prevent hydroplaning. Additionally, bald tires are more likely to be
damaged by potholes and other road hazards. The tread on your tires should be more
than 2/32 of an inch deep and can be checked by inserting a U.S. penny into the tread,
with Lincoln’s head facing down. If the top of Lincoln’s head is covered by tread, there is
at least a minimum acceptable amount of tread. If the top of his head is visible at any
point, it is time to replace the tire.

Find more tips and facts on Cooper Tires official website.

Even when we check our tires, take our cars in for routine checks, there is one situation in which we must get our tires serviced right away – a flat tire. Oh no! That’s another reason to become familiar with your local service shops, like Meineke, and to be aware of which brands are quality tires for a fair price such as Cooper Tires. Watch this fun video where I enact what I’d do in this situation because on our family cars, tires matter.

Queridos, when was the last time you checked the tires on your vehicle? 

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Photo Courtesy of Gary Cooper