Keep Kids Engaged in STEM Activities at The DoSeum Summer Camps

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with The DoSeum. All opinions are my own.

STEM Summer Camps at The DoSeum

Parents often ask me how can they keep their kids engaged in STEM activities. I usually ask them if they know why they want their kids to be engaged in these activities. Besides wanting your kid to grow up to be a scientist or engineer, STEM activities teach kids how things work. The critical thinking skills learned in STEM activities will even help them become better doctors, lawyers, teachers or whatever they want to be when they grow up.

The first step is to introduce your kids to STEM-related activities such as building model bridges or using technology to create a game or art. Once they have been introduced, you can gauge their interest and adjust their activities accordingly. Not every kid will like every activity. That’s okay. Don’t force it. Try another one!

If you aren’t comfortable leading those activities, find local resources. In San Antonio, we have a great resource in the Do Seum! My son reminds me often that the DoSeum is his favorite place. I think it’s because he has fun AND he learns something every time we visit. Since summertime is a great time for kids to engage in new activities, I encourage parents to look into enrolling your kids in a summer camp at the DoSeum. At camp, kids will explore exciting new STEM and art concepts, learn to innovate, create, and solve problems—all while having fun!

Summer Camps at The DoSeum

General registration is now open for the summer camps at the DoSeum. Camps one week at a time from June 5th to August 18, 2017. This summer, The DoSeum is offering special tech-themed camps based on their Summer of Tech initiative, where kids will become tech wizards and explore The DoSeum’s digiPlaySpace summer exhibit. You can register and find a full list of summer camps and pricing at


Summer camps at The DoSeum costs and times vary. Please visit the website for details. Check out some of my favorite picks below:

Catching the Wind: Designing Windmills (Ages 5-7)

Just because you aren’t supposed to chase windmills doesn’t mean you can’t design them (and then joust all you want)! In Catching the Wind, kids will learn all about the concept of wind and how it can be harnessed into energy to do important work. Children will be introduced to the concept of renewable energy and how it is becoming an incredibly important resource. By the end of camp, each child will plan, create, and improve his or her very own working windmills from various materials.

Dates: June 26th-30th, July 10th-14th, July 17th-21st, July 31st-4th, August 14th-18th (9 am – 3 pm)

Members: $250/ $305 with Aftercare, Non-members: $270, $325 with Aftercare

An Alarming Idea (Ages 5-7)

We can all agree that alarm clocks aren’t always the most fun device, but the science behind them is definitely fascinating! In An Alarming Idea, campers will be introduced to how circuits work by examining how electricity operates as energy. Meaning, alarm clocks give YOU energy by using energy of their own! Kids will learn exactly how electricity can be transformed into other forms of energy, including light, heat, motion, and sound. Your child will be introduced to the Engineering Design Process and perform hands-on science experiments!

Dates: June 19th-23rd, July 10th-14th, July 24th-28th, August 7th-11th, August 14th-18th (9 am – 3 pm)

$260/ $310 with Aftercare, Non-members: $280, $330 with AftercareThe DoSeum Summer Camps

Designing Bridges: Working as a Civil Engineer (Ages 8-11)

Don’t burn bridges! Learn how to build them! In Designing Bridges, children will learn the fundamentals to becoming a civil engineer through understanding both the requirements of the occupation and the beginnings of the necessary STEM concepts. For example, balance and force are important to a structure being able to stand alone and function. Whether designing a playground structure, a tent for camping, or a bridge, an engineer must have a good plan, the best materials, and the ability to conduct tests. Campers will leave with knowledge of science, technology, engineering, math, and the engineering design process.

Dates: June 5th-9th, July 10th-14th (GIRLS only) (9 am – 3 pm)

Members: $260/ $310 with Aftercare, Non-members: $280, $330 with Aftercare

Moving in the Future: A Transportation Engineer’s Journey (Ages 9-11)

What will transportation in the future look like? We invite all young transportation engineers to camp as we need your problem solving and creativity skills to design and build models for future transportation needs. Campers will blend science, technology, engineering, and math as they explore the properties of magnets and other objects. Transportation engineers must develop plans, and construct a model and the DoSeum can provide the materials, space, and fun!
We need your engineers and their problem-solving minds to help us improve the world!

Dates: June 12th-16th (Girls only); June 26th-30th (9 am – 3 pm)

Members: $260/ $310 with Aftercare, Non-members: $280, $330 with Aftercare


Queridos, do you want your kids engaged in STEM activities this summer? The DoSeum is a great place to start.