It’s Happening! >> How Latina Moms Are Raising Next Gen Coders and Latin@s in Tech at SXSW 2015

The best things that I can do for my kids are love them and teach them. And what I can’t teach them, I will find a way for them to learn – like technology. Technology is a huge part of everyone’s future today. Latinos, in particular, over index on using technology. I wish to give my kids the opportunity to be a creator of technology, not just a user of it. And I don’t want it just for my kids but for as many students as I can reach who desire to learn.

I’m muy excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at 2015 South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Interactive Conference HOW LATINA MOMS ARE RAISING NEXT GEN CODERS on the first day of the conference Friday, March 13th! The South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences & Festivals offer the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW® is the premier destination for discovery. (

Latina Moms Raising Next Gen Coders SXSW Interactive Panel

If you are not familiar with my story, I created this blog and community on my own cultural identity crisis – I felt out of touch with my own Mexican-American heritage (more the Mexican heritage part). I wasn’t confident in who I was in different aspects of my life due to this self-proclaimed crisis. Thanks to a great community I’ve overcome this obstacle and today I encourage others to know and celebrate their own culture as part of their own self-confidence.

Starting with this SXSW® Interactive panel, I’m committed to empowering others to not only celebrate their identity but to also acquire the skills necessary to build a future for themselves – in technology or not.  Attending SXSW® as a panelist is not a solo project for me. I’m grateful to announce a partnership with SWEB Development, a Texas-based full-service digital agency, for the 2015 SXSW® Interactive Conference! SWEB builds things – mobile apps, websites, social media marketing campaigns, and everything in between. While they are building, I’ll be sharing all things digital at this year’s conference!

Sweb Development Full-Service Digital Agency

How Latina Moms Are Raising Next Gen Coders SXSW® Interactive Panel

I’m honored to be joined by fellow bloguera and entrepreneur Jessica Olivarez Mazone and DIY Girls Program Director Silvia Aguiñaga.  We will answer the following questions in presentation style followed by Q & A:

1. As the next generation of children become digital natives, how do we reach more underrepresented communities become creators of technology instead of users of technology?
2. How are Latino parents instilling cultural values in their kids to encourage them to use this technology to solve problems that their Latino community faces?
3. Who is investing, not just money, but time and resources in these future coders and developers who will diversify the tech industry and are they creating affordable, effective and sustainable resources beyond coding events?
4. How is today’s lack of diversity in the tech field an obstacle in helping Latina moms find mentors and resources to help them encourage their kids to enter the tech industry?
5. Latinos index high in using mobile. How are these mothers using that to their advantage to locate community and resources to raise their kids to enter the tech field? How do they expand their knowledge to reach more families?

Latinos in Tech SXSW® Pre-Event

The day before SXSW® Interactive Conference, Thursday, March 12th, Xelerate Tech will host the premiere event for Latino leaders – LATIN@S IN TECH. Queridos, you know I’ll be there! I wouldn’t miss a Latino summit where these great leaders gather to share and learn from one another. You can find me there giving a few closing remarks.

Latinos in Tech Summit at SXSW Melanie Mendez Gonzales

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Come back for more Latinos in technology stories from I’ll be highlighting Latinos who are making a difference for themselves and their communities using technology.