What It Takes to Change and Elevate Your Career

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Strayer University.
All opinions are my own.

“I don’t have any talent or skills. What am I going to do?”

This is what I said to myself when I knew that I was done with my unfulfilling career in sales. My boys were babies and I was chasing a career that made me miserable most days. I knew I needed a change but I had no idea how to start over in a new career. I was scared. A mentor advised me to start a blog. Because my mentor always gave me solid advice, I did it even though I wasn’t even sure what a blog was.

All I knew how to do was write and quickly realized that there were many skills that I wished I had in order to turn this blog into a success. Determined not to give up, I learned how to use social media to build an online community and to market my blog. I attended workshops and seminars, and I learned a lot on the job. At that time, social media marketing was a fairly new industry and there weren’t many, if any, higher education options. Also, many entrepreneurs needed the guidance in navigating through the processes. As I was learning social media strategies for my own blog, I began to get requests to help small business owners to learn to use social media to market their businesses. Saying yes to some great clients, I successfully became a freelance social media manager.

Today, I focus my work on this blog. I’m incredibly thankful for my freelance work as a social media manager. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about the industry, I met the most amazing people, and I proved to myself that I could be my own boss in an industry that is in demand. In all honesty, a large part of my success as a blogger is due to my success as a freelance social media manager for others.

Strayer University Can Help Elevate Your Career

Beginning a new career in social media and blogging is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I freed myself from a career that I was not enjoying. Unfortunately, I still meet people on a regular basis who are not happy in their career. Many may be telling themselves the same lies that I told myself. There is still time to do something about that. In order to make a successful change, one must learn the skills that employers seek today. At Strayer University you can learn new skills designed to advance your career and create a positive change in your life.

Strayer University understands that the market is always evolving. To support their students in being successful, Strayer University has built upon its experiences with Fortune 1000 companies to ensure that its degree programs are teaching the skills that employers are seeking. One of the programs that I admire is the Digital Entrepreneurship MBA with Cheddar. Through this program, students have a cutting-edge MBA delivered to their mobile device or computer that allows them to watch lectures, connect with other students via forum posts through Facebook and engage with case studies and assignments on a wide range of the most innovative organizations. This sets students up for unlimited success – preparing today’s business leaders to succeed as digital entrepreneurs.

If becoming a digital entrepreneur isn’t the career change that suits you, Strayer University also offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business administration, accounting, information technology, education, health services administration, nursing, public administration, and criminal justice―all programs that can help adults can make changes in their career by learning new and needed skills.
Your Career Goals

When I began my social media and blogging career, I could not have guessed the path I would have taken. Today, I set regular goals for my business. One of my personal goals is to learn new skills to improve myself and my business.

What about you? If you wanted to learn something new to advance in your career or change careers altogether, what would you study?