Hot-doggin’ it …

Thanks to SABusyKids, I found out the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was coming to San Antonio.  I couldn’t wait to take my sons to see it!

It was my first time to see the Wienermobile too.  I decided to invite my mommy-friends out.  Glad a few of them made it!

The Hotdoggers took free pictures and let us take a few of our own.  They had this cool gadget that took the pic and then you entered your email address on something that looked like an iPad. About half an hour later, you had your official Wienermobile picture!

Here are a few photos …

IMAG0239 Spidey pose!

Spiderman Wienermobile

  He couldn’t get enough of the free stickers!

Okay, we only took 2. Left plenty for everyone.

Did I mention we drove across town to see it?  Lil brother couldn’t stay awake so naturally, mommy had to hold him and make sure he was in the photo too!

It was a short visit but cool to see kids and adults get excited to see this American treat!

Read a full interview with Turkey Dog Tyler (the Hotdogger who drives this Wienermobile and is snapped our photos) on Kens5 here.