Play in the Street!

Today I took my almost 2 year-old a.k.a. CaptAmerica to San Antonio’s first Síclovía.  My husband has been on bed rest due to hurting his back.  I have been in the house with him and my two preschoolers for the past 2 full days.  Can you say ‘Cabin Fever’?  And thank you God for the gorgeous weather!

Here’s a description from Síclovía’s website:  Síclovía will turn San Antonio’s streets into safe, fun places for walking, bicycling, jogging and enjoying outdoor activities, and it’s free!  By making a stretch of Broadway temporarily car-free, Siclovia opens the road to people from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 2, 2011. During the event, the streets will belong to pedestrians, bicyclists, and recreationalists. Siclovia is a partnership between the City of San Antonio and the YMCA to create, a safe, fun place to walk, bike, jog, and other exciting outdoor activities.

I expected we might be in the minority without a bicycle.  But no!  The event was diverse and amazing … it showed me how wonderful it was to see a community enjoy a part of their city in a way that we don’t normally do.  There were big bikes and little bikes, there were walkers and runners, adults and children, modern and classic, roller blades and skateboards … all right in the middle of the street. Even Beauty Queens …
CaptAmerica and I strolled our way down to the first stop and Zumba’d and tried some yummy fruit and yogurt from one of the vendors.  As we headed down to the next stop, I just enjoyed watching people of different walks of life and different parts of our city riding side by side.  More than once I overheard others say, “wow, imagine if this was every week or every month!”
The next stop or Reclovía, we joined the folks in BodyCombat! Well, I did my best and CaptAmerica kinda danced around me.  People were excited and really getting in to the workout. (which was no walk in the park)  This was a great way to show anyone how much fun a good workout can be!
Playing in the street was fun and it was great to be a part of the first Síclovía in San Antonio.. These are the steps to making San Antonio a happier and healthier place.  Playing in the street … I think it brought the kid out in all of us.
Even though I had an urge to walk on the sidewalk, I am looking forward to next year and a complete, healthy family to enjoy the whole day!