Boys, Superheroes & Youtube: Captain México

I’ve said it before, being a mom of boys allows me to live out my inner Marvel geek! I have every excuse now to go watch the blockbuster movies as they are released. I can spend all the time I wish looking at superhero action figures, memorabilia, costumes, etc.

Like many young boys, mine are crazy for anything Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk or Captain America. Even regular colors aren’t just regular colors. Blue is Captain America, red is Spiderman and green is Hulk. Sometimes that depends on the context of the conversation though. When my boys see the colors green, white and red together, they immediately shout out “México!”  It makes us smile and make my husband very proud to know they recognize the colors.

As a mom, I will almost entertain their every idea about superheroes. I’m one of those moms who will hand over the iPad to their kid for entertainment. (Judge me, ni modo.) Left to their own devices, the boys were excited to show us a ‘surprise’ that they found on Youtube. Kids and technology! Here it is …

Disclaimer: We are sharing this video for entertainment purposes only. In the event that you need to fight off the ‘bad guys’ do not rely on Captain Mexico to come to your rescue.