Creating Something from Nothing – A New Perspective on ‘Things Not Going Your Way’

When you don’t have anything, you have nothing.  The great thing about nothing is now you can create something!

I was listening to a friend tell me about how she didn’t have any money to purchase Christmas gifts this year.  She is buying a new house and is about to close.  All of her money should stay in the bank for the time being.  She didn’t decorate for the holidays because her apartment is packed in boxes, ready to move.  And since she thought she was closing on her home this week, she didn’t even buy a ticket to go spend Christmas with her husband-to-be.  This Christmas, she had nothing.  (Nothing the way she had planned, anyway.)

At first, I sympathized with her.  “I totally understand.  It will be all worth it though once you move in to your new home,” I said.  I really wished for her that things were different.

Then, I had hindsight 20/20.  Does that ever happen to you?!

Create Something from Nothing -

Instead of feeling as if she couldn’t do anything NOW, she could see it as a place to create new!  Create what your Christmas will look like.  So you don’t have a “normal Christmas” this year.  Go create the Christmas you do want!  Since her and husband-to-be aren’t together on Dec. 25th, they will celebrate Christmas in January.  Friend, you haven’t missed out.  Imagine … the decorations you will have in your first home, the dinner you will have, the reading of the Birth of Jesus, the games you will play, the memories you will create.  You have not celebrated Christmas together yet, so you can create your Christmas however you want.

My friend is definitely in a place of creating new.  She will be in her home soon.  She is getting married next year.  This is her first New Year holiday with her husband-to-be.  They will soon celebrate the first anniversary of the day they met.  They will have many firsts.  They can choose to create any traditions for themselves and their family.  What an exciting place to be!

My point is that they have nothing in traditions now.  Therefore, they can create anything they want.

What about the rest of us?  Do we tend to wait though for a period of life to create something new?  Do we think that the period has already passed?

What about right now?  What is in your life that maybe you wish were different?  Can you see a possibility of creating something new?