Smell of success … or something like that.

Here’s one of my favorite tips:  When you go on a vacation, take a new perfume with you.  One you haven’t ever worn.  Only wear that scent the entire trip.  It doesn’t even have to be a perfume but maybe scented lotion or body spray.  After the trip, put it away not to be used again.  When you think of those memories, you will remember the scent.  And every once in a while, pull that bottle out and take a good whiff … all those great memories will come back.

When I studied abroad in Spain during college, I took a Juniper Breeze body lotion with me.  It was the only scent I wore while I was there.  I have the lotion put away in a keepsake box.  Any time I really want to remember the wonderful times I had, I take that lotion out and smell it.  Now, I know it’s old and won’t ever smell like it did back in college but it still takes me back.  Works my memory better than the photo album sometimes!  The smell of anything Juniper immediately brings back that exciting time in my life.  ahhhh … memories!

Isn’t that amazing?!  Really, it works.  There is science behind it.  I didn’t do the research to share that science with you.  However, it doesn’t just work for good memories.  If you ever drank to much tequila in one night, try taking a whiff of that again and see if the memories of your hangover don’t come racing back!  Ha!

So I’m still in the spirit of the New Year.  I’m not going to wait until I take a vacation.  I’m getting out a new bottle (of body spray,  not tequila) and wearing it all month.  January is when I am most committed to my work out and I have a fresh attitude of being present in my life.  I am committed to making an impact in my faith, family, career and community.  So …  if (when) I start to slow down, I’ll just take a big whiff of my “New Year” attitude and get back on track!  It worked for Spain, here’s to it working for 2011 success ~ cheers!

Image source: Flickr JuliaBrown1