Stay Healthy During the Holidays #EnrollSA

{This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Enroll SA. All opinions are my own.}

Merry Christmas QueMeansWhat.comIt’s the holidays, queridos! Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Feliz Fiestas, Happy Holidays to you and your familia! En serio, I can’t believe it’s already here. There’s always so  much going on – shopping, prepping the house for visitors, cooking (yes, I cook), holiday events like concerts and shows, and keeping the kids entertained at home are just a few of what’s going on for many people during the holidays.

One thing we don’t want to add to all of this is getting sick. Ugh! It’s never a good time to get sick but it’s definitely not a good time during the holidays with so much more going on. With Open Enrollment still under way until February 15, 2015, my family and I keep healthy during the holidays by doing our best to keep germs away.

How We Stay Healthy During the Holidays

1. Get our Flu Shots. I recently wrote about my interview with Dr. Marietta Vazquez for the National Influenza Vaccination Week. It’s important for us to protect ourselves from the flu.

2. Wash hands regularly with soap and warm water. It’s my job to teach my boys that we can’t always get away with hand sanitizer. While it’s great to have on hand, it’s important to use good ol’ soap and water whenever possible. If you are keeping kids entertained at the park or indoor play areas, wash up before and after and even while you are there, if possible. And always wash up before eating times!

3. Sleep can be the best medicine. Sleep during the holidays is most important to combat the additional stress that comes with the holidays. Even if you adjust your children’s sleep schedule due to no school, be sure everyone gets plenty of rest.

4. Drink plenty of water. Water isn’t just for the warmer months. There are several benefits to drink enough water such as it’s great for your skin, it helps balance calorie intake (holiday cookies anyone?), and is good for your kidneys and to help keep you regular.

5. Eat healthy. Okay, okay. This one is the most challenging during the holidays. Families and friends cook and bake some of the most delicious holiday foods – between the tamales and cookies it can be a challenge to get in some fruits and veggies but it’s a must.

6. Stay active. The weather in San Antonio is a love – hate relationship. I hate that we don’t get to have snow for Christmas. However, I love that the weather can be so wonderful that we can still visit parks and trails during December! It’s not a challenge to stay active in San Antonio during the holidays. Get outside and enjoy!

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

How do you keep healthy during the holidays? Is getting your healthcare coverage complete on your holiday list? 

EnrollSA, Get Bexar Covered

We can do everything in our control to stay healthy but if even still we may need to visit a physician.  If you are not covered with healthcare, I encourage you and your family to enroll in health care with the help of EnrollSA, Get Bexar Covered. The work of EnrollSA, Get Bexar Covered supports the SA2020 goal of getting 86% of our community enrolled in health care by providing help with the health insurance enrollment process. For more information on local events or help with enrollment in Bexar County visit or call 2-1-1.

Need enrollment assistance? The next #EnrollSA event is right after the New Year on January 3rd at CentroMed – Noemi Galvan Eling Clinic, 5542 Walzem Road, San Antonio TX from 10am – 3pm.