Preparing for a Trip of a Lifetime! American Latino Expedition 2014

The American Latino Expedition is here! I seriously can’t believe it. I’ve never seen mountains outside of Texas and now I’m here in Wyoming at The Grand Teton National Park. The Expedition (#ALEx14) is a public education and awareness campaign designed to connect YOU to America’s national parks and bring the national parks to American Latino and multicultural communities everywhere. The American Latino Heritage Fund of the National Parks Foundation chose EIGHT blogueros to travel to the Grand Tetons for a trip of a life time. I’m honored and thrilled to be among them.  Thanks to all the supporters who encouraged me to apply and all of you for reading!

Preparing for the Expedition in at one Place – REI

Thanks to sponsors like REI and Colombia, I was outfitted from head to toe for the Expedition. The REI-San Antonio team were great in helping me select what I needed and giving me some helpful tips.

  1. Wear layers. The weather and temperature can change quickly in Wyoming. Layers will help you adjust to the temperature.

  2. Drink lots of water. The higher in elevation you go, the more water you need (because water has oxygen!). Stay hydrated.

  3. Protect yourself. Take water proof gear to stay dry and use trekking poles for better balance and help protect your joints.

What to expect on a Trip of a Lifetime like the American Latino Expedition?!

Let’s ask one of last year’s participants and fellow bloguera, Monique Frausto. Monique and her team of Blog Stars (Denise of; Nicole of and Kathy of participated in the expedition in 2013. Honestly, Blog Stars were a HUGE inspiration to me for even applying this year. Latinas creating memories and exploring our National Parks? Sign me up!

Because Monique is a supporter of fellow blogueras, she gave us some insight on her experience from last year.

Thanks, Monique! xoxo!

Our expedition has just begun. Queridos, I hope to share an amazing experience with you. I’m looking forward to not just the experience of the great outdoors but also to learn about the Latino Heritage in our own National Parks! Stay tuned. Follow me and the hashtag #ALEx14 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see how our expedition is going.