Hispanic Heritage Life Lessons That Contribute to Success

{This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.}

My blog started out as a way to discover or connect to my Latino heritage pero there are some life lessons that have always been with me. Below are three that I’m proud of and I know they are because of mi familia and our Hispanic heritage. So, if these sound like stereotypes, they are stereotypes I’m happy to live with.

1. FAMILY FIRST – At the end of the day, family is who will be there for you – siempre. I’ve been on two sides of this truth. At one of my worst times in my life, it was mi familia who was around to comfort me and build me up. I didn’t have to ask. They were just there. On the other hand, when I wanted to stay mad at someone in my family, I forget about whatever made me mad when they call and need me. It’s what Latinos do – at least this Latina.

2. WORK HARD – I’ve been working since the day I turned 16. A benefit of growing up without a lot of money is that you learn if you need or want something, you must work for it. Gifts are extra but don’t expect handouts to get you through life. Beyond paying the bills, tus sueños can only come true when you work for them. I watched my parents and grandparents work hard for everything they’ve had in life. It’s a value I’ve already begun to teach my children.

3. TAKE CARE OF OTHERS – When I was growing up, even when we didn’t have a lot – money or time – if our friends or family needed help, we helped. On the other side, at times it was mi familia who needed help and I witnessed others helping us. I haven’t forgotten their kindness and generosity. The value and importance of helping those who need help or can’t help themselves is not lost on me. There’s always a way to help take care of others.

I’d argue that these three life lessons are part of what helps me everyday to continue to succeed in my career and in contributing to my family and my community. They are part of what gives me my unique perspective.

Do you think your heritage has taught you life lessons that give you a unique perspective? If so, how?

Watch the video below about Jerry Diez, Jr. who discusses how his Hispanic Heritage gives him a different perspective. Diez is the president of The Diez Group, a supplier of Ford Motor Company for the aluminum used in the military grade aluminum-allow body of the new 2015 Ford F-150.