It’s Pregnancy – You Go Through It Your Own Way #40WeeksMovie

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Doctor Smith’s, Official Sponsor of 40 Weeks Movie}

Put away all the baby books that you want to read when you are pregnant (or want to become pregnant) and just watch 40 Weeks The Movie. This endearing film, sponsored  by Dr. Smith’s, takes you through 17 brave mommies-to-be pregnancy journeys. Through their weekly updates and milestones, the audience learns the reality of what it’s like to grow a human being inside a woman’s body and what it takes to prepare to give birth to a baby.

40 Weeks Documentary Sponsored by Dr. Smith's

What’s beautiful about 40 Weeks is that the expecting mothers are all different. None of them are ‘perfect’ and in fact, each of these mommies is very, very real. The appreciation for such diverse group of families in this movie is not lost on me. Some of the women are married, some are not. Some had been planning for their pregnancy and some had not. Some of the women are first-time moms, some are not. They vary in ethnicity, socio-economic status and in age. Each one has her own unique story to share.

Each pregnancy is so personal and so different and that’s why I felt I could relate and see a bit of my own story in these women. Knowing that a baby will arrive at the end of the pregnancy is the easier part. It’s all of the unexpected happenings along the way that are challenging. We prepare for the baby, we don’t always prepare for a change in our own health, the baby’s health, our relationships, our perspectives, our finances or even personal circumstances. Watching each of these mommies-to-be reminds us that we have to go through our own journey in our own way. The biggest lesson I wish for expecting moms to learn is from Vicky (one of the mommies in the film) when she said, “It’s pregnancy and you go through it. You go through it your own way.”

That is always my number one piece of advice for expecting moms. You will go through it your own way. Even your second, or third or fourth pregnancies will be different from your first.

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If you are expecting, watch 40 Weeks because you will relate and laugh and cry. If you want to become pregnant, watch 40 Weeks because it’s a reality dose of what pregnancy is like for a diverse group of women. If you love someone who is expecting or wants to become pregnant, watch 40 Weeks because it will give you some insight of what she and you can expect. If you have ever been pregnant, watch 40 Weeks because you will relate to the ups and downs of this 40-week journey.

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