Does eating Mac & Cheese make you less Latino? #LOL #LatinaProblems

This is NOT an endorsement or a paid review for any product, network or service. The commercials just really made me laugh, I had to share.

I enjoy being a customer of Dish Network and this weekend they gave me laughs which is another reason to love them. This weekend's free preview was Nuvo TV, a channel that serves bi-cultural Latinos in English. Kraft Mac & Cheese chose an appropriate network to air their latest commercials, even if the commercials are in Spanish. The network programming is in English but a lot of the commercials are in Spanish? (These commercials might air on other networks but I, personally, have only seen them on NuvoTV.)

The new Kraft Mac n Cheese commercials had me cracking up! Anyone who can relate to a cultural identity crisis might also find these funny.

11/2013 Update! Kraft has since made my favorite commercials "private" on their YouTube Channels. So, I've deleted those. Nonetheless, here are the new commercials from Kraft that are just as funny.

In this video, the mother sends her husband 'incognito' to buy the Mac n Cheese because she doesn't want others to know they are eating it. It might make them 'less Latino'!

This one is about Amor Prohibido/Forbidden Love. The young boy acknowledges that Latinos are know to love passionately. Susie believes that he's there because he loves her passionately but in reality, he's there because she always has Kraft Mac n Cheese at her house.

And finally, another young Latino states his mom argues eating Kraft Mac n Cheese will make is family less Latino. You see the large family in the background and hear them talking and laughing loudly. (Sound familiar?) And he knows NOTHING will make his family less Latino.

So thanks Dish Network, NuvoTV and Kraft Mac & Cheese for the laughs! See all the commercials on Kraft Mac & Cheese Youtube Channel.

My husband says this is something he can relate too and has stories of his own as a first generation Mexican-American. I find that they are almost opposite of my experience and sense of not being Latino(a) ENOUGH! Everyone has a story, right?! 

CAN YOU RELATE? What stories do you have?! Please share!