Do It Anyway!

As part of a fabulous Twitter party last night about Latina Leadership, one question that was asked was:

Being Latina and being a woman, makes it challenging to be a leader. What should we do?

My answer: DO IT ANYWAY!


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Then, I had to look at my own life and see what I wasn’t doing anyway. I already knew the answer because I had been trying to see ‘around’ it for a while. I want to go to grad school. It is a huge goal, one that is hard-to-imagine-it-really-happening goal, you know the kind that makes you want to throw up! Yep, that’s when you know it’s a good goal. I don’t even want to blog about it because … ay Dios, … what if I don’t do it?! You all will know.

I’m taking my own advice and I am going to do it anyway. Well, I’m beginning the process anyway. (Don’t worry, many blog posts to come about my grad school journey.)

Mujeres, okay, hombres también, you know how easy it is to give advice to others than to take it for yourself? Well, I asked myself, “what if my best amiga said she wanted to accomplish an I-wanna-throw-up goal?”

Here’s what I would tell her:

DECIDE. – what it is you want and then, decide to start.

BE DETERMINED. – distractions will appear butAND stay determined.

DEDICATE. – yourself to your goal, dedicate yourself to you!

Courage is fear that said it’s prayers. -unknown

Thank you to New Latina (@NEWLATIINA) and National Hispana Leadership Institute (@NHLI)  for hosting the Twitter Party. Bicultural Mom‘s website has a list of all the co-hosts of the chat #latinaleadership. Thanks Chantilly, (@MFAMMAG)!

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Melanie Mendez-Gonzales

Original content creator for ¿Qué Means What? Texas Latina mom blogger celebrating culture in education, entertainment and family life.

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  1. Silvia says:

    Hey Melanie, nice meeting you last night! I have a quick story for you…my friend (really, my friend) asked me once, how much longer before you graduate? Picture me pregnant, with two kids, and in a not so functional marriage. I said to her, I’ve been in school more than the traditional four years (about seven years by then) and next semester, I will finally cross that sought after stage. Now, four, seven, whatever years will go by a n y w a y. So why don’t you star now and invite me to your graduation in two, four, six years? Well, two years after that conversation, I found myself sitting at the Municipal Auditorium for her graduation as a radiologist. See you soon 🙂

  2. Melanie,

    The #LatinaLeadership chat was so inspiring! I recently had to make a rather bittersweet decision and reading all the amazing things other peers/friends had to say, simply showed me that I’m on the right track. I’m so happy that I wasn’t the only one that got touched by the conversation. I’m sure that was the beginning of something great!

    If you have any questions about grad school, let me know. I survived it through rather rough times in my life, with a young kid and all. If you put it in your mind, it WILL happen!

    Always here, just tweet me 😉

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