Why Moms Should Read Pauline Campos’ Baby Fat Book

I met Pauline Campos two years ago in New York City at the 2013 LATISM (Latinos in Social Media and Tech Innovation) Conference. Sitting by her and her adorable daughter Eliana would turn out to be a major highlight of my trip as I immediately fell in love with Eliana and all of her sassiness. The two of them are really a special team together.

What I love about Pauline is that she doesn’t hold back when she shares her stories. There’s nothing left for her to hide and she’s using that transparency to make a difference in other moms’ lives with her new book BabyFat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin Tops, & Trying to Stay Sane. I consider myself blessed that I get to talk to her regularly via messenger, texting and occasionally on the actual telephone. Through her writing in Baby Fat, readers will have the feeling of talking directly with her too. And it’s always a ride, queridos!

BabyFatbyPaulineCampos Other than my love for my friend, why am I recommending that anyone read Baby Fat? Well, I’m not recommending that EVERYONE read it. If you have never doubted yourself as a parent or poked at your own body wishing it looked different or felt like you just didn’t fit in, then you may not want to read it.

Pauline dives in to Baby Fat sharing her uncensored thoughts about every day parenting tribulations. At the same time, she shares her real journey of coming to terms with her body just as it is. Queridas, I’m not lying when I say there is no sugar-coating in this one. Just pure honesty and humor.

If you are lucky enough to have a fellow mom-friend who you can share your real feelings about your body and your parenting, then tell her about this book and the two of you can laugh and cry over it together. If you haven’t found that girlfriend who understands all of your glorious mess as a mother, then grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and meet your new friend Pauline Campos via this book.

“ … it is necessary to refocus our lives to keep ourselves somewhere at the top of our own priority lists. Because if we lose ourselves in the effort to be all that we can be to our kids, what are we really giving them?” – Pauline Campos, Baby Fat

Pauline Campos and I in Baltimore for Blogalicious 2015

¡Felicidades amiga! And THANK YOU for sharing your story so that the rest of us can find our own through your’s. xo!