Family Choices Make Today’s Modern Family #LaFamiliadeHoy

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Who is La Familia de Hoy/Today's Family?

One word comes to mind when I think of today's modern family: Choices.

Think about it. Today we have many more choices than families before us. I think that's mainly due to the vast amount of information that is available to us at our finger tips and how we use it.

Here are some choices famiilies make today because of technology or Information Age:

Online education – Along with traditional school options, parents can choose alternatives. One is an online education or homeschooling with many online curriculum choices. Even libraries are online now. If children are in traditional schools, parents can choose to ‘after-school’ and online libraries help with that! For parents, they can choose to finish their degrees online while they work and raise their family.

Work from home  One or both parents may be able to commute from home or start a home business. Insurance agents, writers, consultants, entrepreneurs (and more) can set up offices at home today with internet access, wireless devices and home office furniture. Working from home affects everyone in the family. While a work-from-home parent’s schedule is more flexible, it still teaches everyone boundaries and respect for the work. Working from home also gives children an insight to their parent’s career.

Lifestyle choices – With so many online communities, families today can choose their lifestyles and connect to a larger online community who will help support that lifestyle. Online communities help keep up with latest trends, news and events. For example, if your family is full of artists, you can find communities who will support your effort and work. If your family has food allergies, you can find recipes, information and support online. Families are able to connect to other families online to grow communities with similar interests.

There are other choices you can make, too, like choosing to unplug and spend quality time with your family face to face.

  • Dinner at the dining table
  • Weekend breakfast or dinner with grandparents
  • Date night – yes, for mom and dad but also parent/child dates
  • Weekly family game night
  • Monthly family adventure like a hike or visiting a local museum

Vote for La Familia de Hoy

Johnson & Johnson and Univision have launched a campaign to find an authentic, modern and active family to become “La Familia de Hoy.” Go to “La Familia de Hoy” voting site: and vote for one of the three finalists. It's not easy to choose because they are all adorable families. It is easy to VOTE, one click! I chose THE LOPEZ FAMILIA.

Lopez Family PictureThe Lopez family is a Mexican-Guatamalan American family with one son, 5-year old Julio and one daughter, 2-year old Amber. The family of four are very close to with their in-laws and have breakfast together every weekend. I love that! We try to visit with my mom and my suegra (mom-in-law) as much as possible, although we don't get to have breakfast together every weekend. The mother, Leslie, is a stay at home mom (like me) and her husband, Giovanni works as an insurance underwriter for film and TV production. All families have choices and Leslie's brother, Juan Jr and his wife Jessica are both working out of the home as they raise their 6-month old daughter. Grandma Maria is a charter school administrator and Grandpa Juan is a retired accountant. 

Go to “La Familia de Hoy” voting site: and vote for one of the three finalists. The website is in Spanish but there is Google translate to help! Plus, after you've voted, you claim some coupons for Johnson & Johnson products.

Tell us, how is your family today's modern family?