We got ‘busted’ for playing in the sprinklers! – Childhood Memories

The high today in San Antonio, TX was 105˚ …  Yikes! These hot summer days remind me of being young and playing around in the water. Okay they don't remind me so much of playing in the water as much as they make me want to play in the water!

Playing in the water

Photo from sxc.hu

Growing up my parents both worked full time jobs. That meant when my older sister, my younger brother and I were out of school for summer we stayed at home . Some of my favorite memories were running out in the front yard, turning on the manguera (water hose) and spraying each other with water! We would take turns holding the manguera and playing 'under the rainbow' or targeting each other with the water stream or turning on the sprinkler and just playing!

Of course, my dad would come home and see the wet yard, wet sidewalks and muddy footprints. We would get an earful for wasting all the water. Oops! We never thought about the fact that someone had to pay for all that extra water. We were forbidden to EVER do it again. Unfortunately, we didn't listen. We just thought we would 'out smart' our parents and play in the water earlier in the day so it would all be dry by the time they got home.

One day a local newspaper photographer was drove by, stopped and asked if she could take some photos to feature in the paper for summer fun. "Sure!" We weren't in our small town newspaper very often. We were excited to have our photo taken and be in the newspaper!

We didn't take in to account that we would actually BE in the newspaper!  Two days later … Busted! HAHAHA!

What are your favorite summer time childhood memories?

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