Our First Halloween Time at Disneyland

Disclaimer: We were hosted to a Halloween Time at Disneyland family trip. All opinions are my own.

“It’s my favorite time of year at Disneyland!”

My friends and my social media community repeated this to me when I told them that we were going for Halloween Time at Disneyland. It’s also what I heard from my kiddos during and at the end of our adventure. They had a blast! Bueno, we all enjoyed the magic of Disney with all the Halloween Time surprises at Disneyland.

Disneyland at Halloween Time 2018

SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween Time at Disneyland

So, what’s so special about Disneyland at Halloween time? Its ‘spook-tacular’!
Disneyland gets the decor right. At every turn, you will see a hint of Halloween that makes it feel like it’s your favorite time of year. My favorite area of the park for decor was Cars Land. Or maybe it was the giant Mickey Pumpkin in Disneyland Park or maybe it was the Headless Horseman in Hollywood Land. Obviously, I can’t choose just one.

Disneyland at Halloween Time Cars Land
Disneyland at Halloween Time Headless Horseman
Disneyland at Halloween Time Giant Mickey Pumpkin
Disneyland at Halloween Time Cars Land Tow Mater Cars Land
Disneyland at Halloween Time Cars Land Pumpkin Patch
Disneyland at Halloween Time Cars Land

Halloween Time Characters

“Meet as many characters as you can. It’s just fun!” my son exclaims.
As a parent watching, this was one of my favorite experiences. My boys lit up when they could interact with a character and absolutely LOVED asking for their autographs.

We especially excited to meet Vampirina! You could say that she helped set the mood for Halloween Time.

Disneyland at Halloween Time with Vampirina

Plus, so many of the other Disneyland characters are dressed in costume! Eh, I mean, Halloween costumes.

Disneyland at Halloween Time - Mickey Mouse
Disneyland at Halloween Time - Goofy
Disneyland at Halloween Time - Selfie with Mickey

Halloween Time Sweet Treats

Disneyland has special food menu just for Halloween Time! Of course, it’s delicious. Two of our favorite sweets were the Mickey Mummy Macaron and the Spider Parfait. Our family loves a delicious sourdough bread. So we were thrilled to feast on the Vampire Mickey Sourdough. It’s huge! It’s not all sweets, you can find Anti-Vampire Chicken Pizza, Bacon Cheddar Ale Soup, Halloween Hot Dog, P&J Roll, and so much more in both Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park.Take your foodie souveniers home with you like collective popcorn buckets and mugs.

Disneyland at Halloween Time Spooktacular Sweets
Disneyland at Halloween Time Spooktacular Sweets
Disneyland at Halloween Time Mickey Bread
Disneyland at Halloween Time Spooktacular Sweets

Fun Halloween Time Merchandise

If you like Halloween, shopping, and Disney like we do, you will love the merchandise available during Halloween Time at Disneyland! First, the ears! My favorite Halloween ears were the orange sequins ears and my son’s favorite ears were the light up Halloween ears. We are in love with our Halloween time Mickey and Minnie.

A few collector items that people are sure to love are the Halloween time Disney pins and Halloween time Christmas ornaments!

Disneyland at Halloween Time Rides
Disneyland at Halloween Time Giftshop
Disneyland at Halloween Time Giftshop

TIP: Kids and adults both can really get into the Disney Pin exchange. Show up with your own pins or purchase them at the parks, and you will find not only other park-goers but also Disney staff who will be eager to exchange pins!

If you want to experience Halloween time at Disneyland,

it runs until October 31.

Don’t miss it, Queridos!

The Baby Center at Disneyland

Being at Disneyland with a tiny one all day can be exhausting. My kids are old enough and capable of managing themselves for the most part. While we did have an unforgettable time, I couldn’t help think about all the mommas I saw with itty bitty ones. I wondered about nursing moms and reflected back on my diaper-changing days. It was wonderful to learn about The Baby Center at Disneyland. It’s a place where parents (mom or dad or both) can go to change diapers, nurse a baby, and even store a mom’s breast pump. It’s also the same place lost kids are taken to stay calm and safe until they are reunited with their parents.

At the happiest place on earth, I’m relieved to know that have this warm and welcoming place for parents and kids.

The Baby Center at Disneyland
The Baby Center at Disneyland

Disneyland Rides

“Try the rides!” was what my chiquito said when I asked him what I should include in this blog. Until this particular trip, he was not one who would get excited about rides. I’m going to credit the excitement of being at Disneyland that sparked his interest. It also helped that there were more than several rides that could ease him into the bigger rides. Some rides are designed for preschool-aged kiddos. A few of the attractions for preschoolers that we enjoyed were “It’s a small world,” Storybook Land Canal Boats, Dumbo the Flying Elephant in Disneyland Park. In Disneyland California Adventure we enjoyed Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Toy Story Midway Mania! (which was my chiquito’s absolute favorite and the only one we did twice).

Disneyland at Halloween Time Rides

But don’t underestimate your kids’ or your own courage. On the last day, my oldest son went on Guardian of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! with my sister — not me. He was terrified but he insisted that he wanted to do it. I’m so, so glad he did!

Unforgettable Disney Memories

This was my kids’ very first time to Disneyland. It’s a personal goal to not make it the last. Disneyland is a special time to visit not just with your kids but also your siblings — even if you’re adults. I was so grateful that my own sister was able to join us. We will never forget our 2018 Disneyland Halloween Time Adventure and we are so, so grateful to the Disneyland team for hosting us.

Disneyland California Adventure Park Pixar Pier