I Agree. America is Beautiful #AmericaIsBeautiful

Coca-Cola's "It's Beautiful" commerical that aired during the second quarter of Sunday night's Big Game (#SB48 in which Denver lost to Seattle) was simply … beautiful. “It’s Beautiful” carried one simple message: America is beautiful, and Coke is for everyone.

If you are not on social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), you might not have seen the backlash this commercial received. I won't repeat any of the hatred I read online. It was disturbing. The young American ladies who sang the song expressed they felt people would be proud of their country after hearing their rendition. 

Out of many people, out of many cultures, that's what makes it one country – one nation. We have the right to be ourselves. ~Naomi, sang America the Beautiful in Spanish.

In case you missed it, this commercial is simply a rendition of "America the Beautiful" in seven different languages. While some want to say that it's a shame to have sung this song in different languages, I thought it was almost magical. Rarely do we get to see America (of the United States) represent it's diverse cultures in a harmonious way. This song did just that. 

Many of us grew up singing this song or at least learning the words to ultimately sing a song about our country – to learn to love and appreciate our country. Singing it in different languages only amplifies that people of many cultures love America (of the United States). 

Here are some words from some of the smart and talented young American ladies who sang this song as a collaborative in Coca-Cola's commercial. 

Many cultures One country Quote Americaisbeautiful

[Tweet “If you can’t speak someone else’s language, you can use music to speak to others. ~Ming, sang America the Beautiful in Mandarin.”]

use music to speak to others americaisbeautiful

The message that we are sending through this video is so beautiful – that we are all the same we just have different backgrounds and that's okay. We are all Americans. ~Sushmitha, sang America the Beautiful in Hindi 

we are all americans

When I sing this song (America the Beautiful), I feel every word that explains happy. ~Naya, sang American the Beautiful in Arabic

[Tweet “When I sing this song (America the Beautiful), I feel every word that explains happy. ~Naya, sang American the Beautiful in Arabic.”]

Take a note (pun intended) from these smart ladies. America is not one culture and whether it's a national language or not, English is not the only language spoken here. I want my sons to be bilingual, even trilingual. I don't speak Spanish fluently but I try my hardest. I am fourth generation American and still very proud to be Mexican-American. Anyone who is American with more than one culture or language has the right to be proud of both.

America Is Beautiful Coca Cola Commercial

#AmericaIsBeautiful Selfie

Coca-Cola invites you to take a selfie to show just how beautiful America really is. Share it on your social media platforms as well as Coca-Cola's America's Selfie Tumblr Gallery and use hashtag #AmericaIsBeautiful. 

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To listen to more from the young American ladies who sang in the commercial, visit Coca-Cola on YouTube.