Stepping Into Greatness #CouragetoWrite

“What if it’s not the company that enriches women’s lives? What if it’s just you?”

A business coach (and dear friend) asked me this question just over four years ago. I was a point in my life where I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career, heck, I didn’t really have much of a career. I had bounced from retail to sales and at that time was in limbo as to what to do next. As a mother of two little ones, I felt like the clock was ticking for me to get my act together so that I could be a good example for my children.

Melanie-Mendez-Gonzales.jpegIn this particular conversation, I was teeter-tottering on the idea of leaving my direct-sales career. I had been in it for about five years at the time and I was not fulfilled. However, I didn’t want to leave because I had this dream of making a difference in others’ lives and it was only through this career that I could see that happening. Why? Well, because I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t believe that I had any ‘real’ talent or skills to do anything else. I honestly believed that I needed this company and its business plan to fulfill my dreams.

My business coach asked me, “Melanie, why do you want to continue in this career?

I replied, “To enrich women’s lives.” I meant it, queridos. I just wanted to pour into lives of others.

She said something no one had ever said to me – something that even I had not considered on my own and I don’t think I ever would have. She said, “What if it’s not the company that enriches women’s lives. What if it’s YOU?”

I digested that consideration. And then I cried. A few months later, I began this blog. In the early days, I would pour my heart out on here sharing my insecurities hoping that if I shared mine, it would encourage others to feel less alone. The name of my blog came out when I was sharing what I considered the most embarrassing moment in my life – when I didn’t know the Spanish word que meant what. Sharing that moment and then, building this brand around “Que Means What” has been the absolutely most empowering journey I’ve ever embarked on.

Recently, as an invited speaker to Chistian Women Small Business Association,  I stood in front of a group of incredible women of Faith and had the courage to share with them that I know writing on is not the end for me. There are greater things that are my calling. Each day I pray for them to be revealed. Each day I wake up and purposely pray for ways to enrich the lives of others. I’ve been given the courage to share my stories, my insecurities, my short-coming, and share my triumphs and blessings (because that takes courage, too).

Four years ago, I had no idea that my courage to step out and begin to write my story would be the beginning of me stepping into my own greatness. Yes. I said it. I’m stepping into my own greatness. For this once painfully shy fourth-grader who cried in Spanish class, admitting that I’m stepping into my own greatness takes chingos of courage! But why not?! I’ve already had the courage to write that:

I don’t speak Spanish – and I’m Latina enough!

I’ve struggled with jealousy and envy – it ain’t pretty!

I’ve had an identity crisis in politics and faith.

I am a procrastinator! Eeek!

Over this weekend, I read DeSuMama’s blog post that touched on being the master designer of family legacy. It resonated with me. I get it. In my greatness (or not but I’m choosing to be in my greatness), I AM the master designer of my family legacy. And that, queridos, takes courage. First, it takes courage to be real and honest about what my story is. And then, it takes courage to write it. Each day, with courage I step further and further into my own greatness with my courage. If you stay with me, I’ll write it all out for you. I hope THIS enriches your life. You already enrich mine.

STEPPING INTO GREATNESS doesn’t mean we have to get somewhere. It means doing our best on purpose!

This weekend I’ll be attending the #BeGreatB6 BeBlogalicious Conference. I’ll experience three inspiration and education-filled days with some of the top multi-cultural and lifestyle bloggers in the country. Those bloggers alone make me want to be courageous. This post is part of the  Liquid Courage Cosmetics #couragetowrite movement. The #couragetowrite movement is designed to encourage bloggers that have either stopped blogging or considered the thought of muting their voice.

“Now is your moment to wear your courage well.”