Squeezebox Film Fundraiser and Kickstarter

SQUEEZEBOX is a story about a legendary Conjunto musician who plans on making a comeback out of retirement until he is stopped by some twisted fears and dreams. It is set in San Antonio, TX. I found out about this yet-to-be-completed film from this Tweet sent by San Antonio film-maker, Sam Lerma:

NOTE: Social Media 101: Have a Call to Action. Lerma's CTA is what got me to click on his link, watch his video, pledge a small amount and share it with you.

What caught my attention about this movie (besides the actual word squeezebox) was this brief description:

a San Antonio story infused with a dose of magical realism.

Sam, you had me at magical realism. What a pleasant surprise to find out what this talented film-making team is up to. Seriously, I cannot describe the film better than Lerma does in the video above, so watch it.

What do I prefer more than Latinos in great films (even the short films)? Tejanos in great films and Tejanos making the films. Do you want to see these films like this get made? Donate what you can to the SQUEEZEBOX Film Kickstarter Campaign today.

If that's not your thing and/or you aren't quite sure what a squeezebox is, head out to the film's fundraiser "Conjunto Cerveza y Cine" on Friday night, August 16, 2013 at San Antonio's Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. The concert will feature several conjunto bands including Max Baca and Los Texmaniacs. Music is from 8pm – midnight and tickets are $10. 

Invite your friends and share SQUEEZEBOX with them.