Parents! Here’s College Resources for Hispanic Students #HSFChat

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Did you know that Hispanics account for 19% of all college students, ages 18-24?

That’s a major increase, up from 12% in 2008. What’s more, 69% of Hispanic graduates are now going directly to college after graduating high school, a rate that is higher than that of the general population.

These students are our future doctors, lawyers, educators and engineers! And do you know who they will turn to for support to get to and through college?! Mamí y Papí … Mom and Dad. Parents – are you ready to help them?

Texas State University Tram - HSF has resources for parents to prepare kids for college.

For some it may be scary – especially if Mamí  y Papí  haven’t been to college themselves. Or maybe parents once attended some college but didn’t complete the process because life got in the way, or they didn’t have the support themselves or whatever reason. WHO DO THE PARENTS TURN TO FOR HELP?

No te precupes, compadres. There is a lot of help out there. Let me introduce to a huge resource for our Hispanic student community – Hispanic Scholarship Fund.HSF College Resources for Hispanic Students

Parents can find college resources for Hispanic students from Hispanic Scholarship Fund – such as information on:

  • Scholarships
  • Finanical Aid
  • Mentorships
  • Academic Support
  • And much more (in English and Spanish)

“We want you to know that you are not alone … Many support you. HSF will support you to prepare, plan and pay for you kid’s college education.” ~ Adam Rodriguez – Hispanic Scholarship Fund PSA 2014

Visit for more PSA’s from actor and director Edward James Olmos, known for many roles, including Battlestar Galactica, in addition to Univision co-anchors Jorge Ramos and María Elena Salinas. (Created pro bono by The Vidal Partnership) See, compadres, you have support from some powerhouse Latinos who also want your mijo or mija to get to and through college.

parents, I don’t have to tell you that your kids are looking to you for support. They trust you and need you. Help them, help yourself by becoming familiar and learning about these valuable resources available for your kids. We are in this together!

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