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Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD

Me encanta que mi hijo tiene sueños grandes. I love that my son has big dreams. I realized that we talk about them often when his younger brother (who I thought was too young to understand) shares with us what his dreams are without being prompted. ¡Eso! That’s a good thing! As a parent, one of my jobs is to ensure my kids have BIG DREAMS. Another job is to help them get on a path to reach those dreams.

Like many kids, my son has dreams of being a soldier … and a scientist … and an astronaut … and a fire-fighter. Who am I to tell m’ijo any different? My job is to set him up the best I can to help him reach is dreams, verdad? Education is a priority for our familia yet one challenge we have with m’ijo is getting him to complete his school work. So, we created a DREAM Poster and hung it right over his desk at home. This way when he sits down to complete is work and he doesn’t feel like it, he can look up and remember WHY it is important to succeed in school.


How do you talk to your kids about making their dreams come true? You can start the conversation with the ultimate fairy tale movie – Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray™ is available for the first time ever on Digital HD and Disney Movies anywhere. Watch this movie with your family and you can open a discussion of how to awaken your dreams like Sleeping Beauty was awakened by her true love.

Fairies Magic on Sleeping Beauty

Okay, okay, you will have other conversations, too. Mis hijos found the fairies’ magic quite hilarious! And so did I. We did talk about what we would do with magical wands. Plus, since we saw MALEFICENT earlier this year, my boys had a different opinion of who she was in this movie. Interesting, no?!


Muchas gracias to our friends at Disney and Latina Mom Bloggers for an opportunity one more lucky reader to win a copy of The Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray™! Enter below for your chance to win, queridos!

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Sleeping Beauty Once Upon a Dream Sheet



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  1. Christy says:

    My dream for my kids is for them to always be happy and to know they can do anything they put their mind to!

  2. Jens2Cents says:

    Shared picture on my Twitter account:

    Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite Disney movie!

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